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Greetings all,


I'm nearly finished with a long range 6.5CM build.  One of the last items to figure out is magazines.  Currently, and for a lot of the foreseeable future I'll be shooting off the shelf ammo.  However I'd like to get into reloading eventually.  A lot of the info I've been reading shows a wide range in performance, and overall length of the magazine itself.  I understand most folks want the longest magazine, that will still fit in the receiver obviously, so they can load longer/heavier bullets, or just seat them a little shallower for better performance.  


What is the general consensus here?  It seems like the Lancer magazines have gotten good and bad reviews.  Magpuls seem to be well liked, although from what I've seen they are limiting in length.  Larue and KAC seem to get the most consistent positive reviews, however they are two and three times the price of others respectively.  I don't mind paying the money if that's the best bet for length and reliability. 


I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something else.


Thank you



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1 hour ago, iggy913 said:

Thank you all very much, actually glad to hear I don't need to spend $75+ on mags.

75 will buy three or four P mags, depends on size. around here the 10 rounders are higher than the 20. C products defense makes a decent mag if you prefer steel.

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