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Range Day 2 June 2019


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This started from Full30.com, with a call to the .308AR Ambassadors to help with zeroing irons on a .308AR.  It ended up as a shoot this last weekend, and me testing out the 13.5" gun at 100~400 yards.  Since I posted it all up at Full30.com, I'll copy it here:

Tested the Witt Machine brake on that Win Mag today, and it made a world of difference.

Did get the 13.5" .308 out today. Here’s how it all shook out, and this gun has a 50-yard zero on the red dot. Here’s the shoot setup:



Here’s what the target area looked like from the table,under the canopy:




Here’s a better view of the targets:



Impacts on the 100 - point of aim was centermass,top of the white square:




Impacts on the 200 - point of aim was the same, centermass, holding the top of the white square:




Impacts on the 300 - point of aim was the head - that’s all I could see from the table, with the scrub in the way:




Single impact on the 400, three rounds fired from standing, 20 yards away from the table. Had ALOT of scrub in the way, and couldn’t even see if from the table. Had to move to get a view on it, so I shot it from the standing position. Point of aim was one head high, over the head. I’m surprised I even hit it at all.




Very successful day - that brake in the Win Mag is a good one.


Here's the thread over on Full30.com:


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