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Finished my son's birthday gift


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Built this one for my son for his 15th birthday - he's becoming quite the little shooter.  Time for me to locate a semi-local Appleseed Shoot to get him into. 

BCM upper assembly with a lightweight 14.5" 1:7 twist barrel and a pinned A2X flash suppressor, Matech BUIS, Knight's M4 RAS and vertical grip. CMT complete BCG and a BCM large GF charging handle finish off the topend.  SAA stripped lower, DPMS LPK, MagPul: MOE stock, Pmags, MOE grip and trigger guard, all in Foliage.  ASAP plate, BADASS selector, and an H buffer finish off the bottom end.  He has to buy his own optic, but I've already got an Aimpoint QRP mount for him, so he'd be smart to buy something that will fit into it.  <dontknow>

Wanted to build him something that would last forever, never be a problem, and nothing but quality parts.  He'll probably be out there next weekend zeroing the irons. 



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Yeah, he was in on the build, picking parts - the Foliage color, at least.  I didn't give him too much choice outside of that.  He's been clearing the house with it for a few weeks now. 

He needs a light on there...  <dontknow> <thumbsup>

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He's doing very well so far - he's been shooting 5.56 since this January.  I'm impressed with his rapid progression.  I started him out on a small CO2 pellet pistol when he was 8, shooting in the backyard (into a thick foam archery target block).  At that age, I had to watch him close, but he grasped the safe-handling concepts well.  He had about 4 years with the pellet pistol, then a couple slow years of not shooting much.  When I moved back to AZ late last year, I decided to get him out on a M4-clone with a .22LR conversion bolt.  He picked it all right back up, and was thirsty for information - I had to slow him down, because he wanted to know everything right now, but he didn't put the time in to master the basics.  I slowed him WAY down.  He's been putting in the work on the .22, progressing very quickly, and doing almost everything right, every time.  He's got the fundamentals down pat.

He shoots some 5.56, on the different rifles, and he's comfortable on those, but not to the point of being cocky.  His first few rounds of .308 Win are a completely different story, as well as the first few trigger pulls in the 12ga.  'Bout put his featherweight ass right in the dirt...  <lmao>

Now, the rest of the story...  He's diagnosed as Severe AD/HD, to the point that the Behavioral Pediatrician says he'll need meds his entire life, just to assist with self control.  Something he'll never "outgrow," according to Doc.  Miraculously, on the range, whether it's a formal public range with real range rules, or out in the desert just with me on a Run-n-Gun course - he's calm, cool, and collected.  His immediate attention is on safe firearms handling, muzzle awareness, keeping the weapon on safe until on target, keeping proper trigger finger control, target foreground and background...  he's good. 

This is actually an outlet that does him good, and it pleases me to pieces.  <thumbsup>

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sounds like he is finding his outlet, congrads. now if your not to disappointed in my shooting, i like the sound of a run and gun course. i'm an excersize junky, and summer hockey season is finally ending and onto the good  winter leagues. i'll try to get some range time in before i get there  <thumbsup>

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I've got the perfect place to take you, brother, and we'll set a course up and blast away.  I take a group of guys from work (and a couple girls), and I've fully infected the guys with BRD.  I've been running them through shoot courses for a few months now.  At first, it was only against the shot timer, with no penalty for accuracy - they got pretty fast, but it was a spray-n-pray event for them, thinking it was only timed.  I'd far outshoot them, accurately, but all they were focused on was the clock.  I'd always make another run, and beat their time, and they'd eventually give up (and I'd about die in the process). 

Well, last time, I took some IPSC targets out there, and we scored the event.  They were dejected, to say the least.  Their latest thing now is bugging me about getting accurate, but fast...  <laughs>

I've been working on my own speed, and I go out for an hour before work - 3 or 4 mags, controlled pairs.  Right now, I'm starting from a low ready, chambered and on safe, and I'm hitting the first shot in 1.00 or 1.10 with thte follow up 0.10 later.  I have to stay ahead of the younger guys...  <lmao>

We'll have some fun when you're out here.  <thumbsup> 

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