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Need help finding a barrel/ custom barrel mfg.


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I’m looking for a barrel or barrel manufacturer that has what I’m wanting or offers what I want, and so far no luck. Any info or direction is greatly appreciated.

  • chrome moly steel
  • chrome lined 
  • 24’’ length
  • heavy/bull contour 
  • fluted or offers fluting 
  • threads or offers custom threads 
  • 1:10 twist 
  • rifle length gas 
  • matched bolt 
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AJ     Welcome from Texas !      why don't you go to the intros and tell us bout yourself......and while your at it give us the scope of this barrels use.......WHY 24" that's waaay tooo much and waaaay too heavy ......what are you gonna use it for?  And what made you decide on 24" ?

:thumbup:   Wash

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24" in a heavy profile would be pretty much bench rest only, or at least some type of rest for long rang shooting?

I have three of these weapons and one has an 18" barrel with a pretty heavy profile and I woln't take it on a hunting trip where I have to carry the rifle very far, too heavy and not well balanced, at least compared to the two I have with shorter and/or lighter profile barrels and shorter handguards on them.

Can't say as chrome-lined and match grade accuracy typically go hand in hand, but I have a few AR's with chrome lined barrels that make the grade for accuracy....at least if the jerk behind the trigger does their part!

I will say that having a chrome lined barrel is certainly a nice feature with one of these weapons as there are no worries about getting it cleaned as soon as you come back from an outing with it.  The chrome lining became a mandatory part of the Mil-Spec WAY back in the 1960's when the early M-16's faired poorly in the harsh environment in SE Asia.  Lacking chrome lining was not the entire cure for the issues, but simply one of the upgrades added to make the M-16 a more reliable weapons system.......good reading on that below if you have the time:




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