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  1. I have 5 cases of 5.45x39 7N6. Each case is 2,150 rounds Everything is still sealed up as it came from factory. $ 0.19 a round you pay shipping
  2. I want to clarify this was on my M5E 308. My 5.56 never had a problem with any of them the mag's I named.
  3. ASC makes quality stuff. Last year I bought 30-ten round mags @ $7.50 each, along with 30- twenty round mags for $9.00 each. ( 308 not Grendel) There were a lot of bad reviews, I have fired thousands of rounds through their mags and I NEVER had a hiccup from the ones I used. Now Hexmag not so much, I also had a few FTF with a magpaul 25 rounder.
  4. I didn't take Toms post personal if I did I wouldn't have replied. I did 6 years in the corp and another 2 in the Army,believe me I understand what it's like to explain stuff over and over to ROCKS. I come here because it's a close community and it's quiet compared to large forums where you spend a day reading the utter BS opinions of people that talk the talk Ok enough There are a few things I want to accomplish. I want to build a few farm guns cheaply. More than likely I am probably going to buy ten spare BA 5.56 barrels the next time Primary arms has them on sale for $88. I am also stocking up on spare parts in case we start having a national supply shortage To be truthful I have all the MSR's I need so if anything I'm just bored.
  5. Thanks doc. At least the Grendel barrels are coming down in price compared to a short few years back. Bill Alexander had a home run with the platform,but at the time he came out with it everyone wanted a cheap throwaway MSR. I scored a few of Ballistic advantage 16" barrels a couple of weeks ago for $88 shipped to my door a from Primary arms.
  6. Seriously ,if I wanted to Google search it I would have. You know, maybe I wanted to hear from some folks on this forum. Tom, you don't know me from Adam but you seem to love jumping on people's shitz and personally it doesn't bother me. I understand it gets old explaining the same thing over and over,but in my case you weren't. It's not my intention to insult you,so don't misconstrued what I am saying as defamatory,but how did you get that I was building a piece of shitz rifile when I asked about a stripped quality upper? To be honest, I could have just drove down the street and bought 10 brand new Ruger MSR for $399 out the door.(more on that later) I just spent $278 on a 5D tactical jig with tooling because I wanted to make sure the guy that designed it got my money rather that supporting a couple of ripoffs. Next I went to https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/ and bought 10 of their 80% that are some of the best, it's pretty nice to have threaded pins and threaded adjustment pins. So there's another $435+. Here's that important point, in today's society,how would it have looked if I walked in and bough those 10 Rugers? So enough of being Debbie Downer Here was how my day started ,I ran the sweeper then had to take a flipping 45 min sabbatical because I was to tired from the chemo. Then a good friend of mine showed up that has been on my azz about getting out of the house. I strapped on my Chemo machine and he took me to my farm where I went shooting on my own range for the first time this year. I have always surround myself with quality people that I feel its an honor and a privilege to know and it felt great to see 25 of them today. My Centiron/Areo build got it's cherry popped,thing ran great on everything except IMI NATO 147gr, bolt wouldn't stay open.
  7. Hey the only reason I asked was the Areo upper. As for cheap poop I learned a long time ago,so that doesn't happen around here. I just bought 10, 80% lowers to build a few things that I wouldn't care about if it got ran over by a farm tractor etc. The guns would just reside on the peice of equipment for it's life span. So,back to my question, a stripped Aero precision upper with a piece of shitz barrel coupled with a balance of parts I pick is their a problem for $169
  8. That was a good trade. IH was just another company with the tooling and know how helping the war effort. If we had to spool up for a war todsy I'd take 5 years. We'd never win a full on brawl like the Pacific in today's game
  9. Yes, I meant my father had a M1 made by IH, my only regret was I wished I was older when he parted with it. Most people look at you like an alien when you tell them about it. For the most part people don't realize the value of things in current time. Yes "had"means getting better, but its been a long hual.
  10. Has anyone ever had any experiences with these folks? It's really hard to say no to an upper built on an Aero precision platform for $200 (1/2 off sale right now). I ask because I have been wanting a Grendel for a long time for a farm.gun. https://www.deltateamtactical.com/search.html?k=Grendel+&search=GO
  11. Dad has one as well. The Hoover vacuum company made bombs and fuses here in N Canton Ohio. As for having it backwards,you are correct. You have to understand I've had a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD YEAR.
  12. I knew Winchester was into a lot of products. If I remember when I get home I will take the razors out of the box.
  13. Gun manufacturers often made other products during the WWW II era. I'd like to see stuff that you have come across. I came across a box of razorblades that were like new, they were inside one my the walls. My home was built between 1949-1950.
  14. Are you drilling each side from the outside in, or drilling all the way through? If its the later,the bit is walking and binding up.
  15. Dildo launcher Well,at least someone's girl wouldn't be lying when she said she tripped over a dick and landed on it.
  16. I agre, one sling doesn't fit all,but if you remember when on the government's time you used what they gave you. Let me tell you they were pretty cheap back in the 80's. I bought 2 GALCO slings for one 10/22,yeah I was BSing on the phone and cut it in the wrong spot. I do have a nice collection of slings
  17. I'm not trying to be a dick and I'm going to remind you I'm on your side. But the platform is about as elementary as they come in comparison to many others. How many M1A, Garand , 1911's or any other platform that were handmade when they were made are you well versed in? The AR platform closely reminds me of a Jeep TJ. Meaning, you study it enough the same problems present themselves to you time and time again. The fix is relative across the platform and almost boring to work on. Now,let's move on to some older hand crafted firearms, but still mass produced. That's where a guy is worth his salt.
  18. I happen to have an extra one of these. You'll never find them for sale anywhere because we only had X amount made and that was it. If there is a member here, who was with 1/8 or the 24th and can prove it to me I'll be glad to give you the patch if you don't have one and want one. I did the same offer over at the Hide before I had my heart attack this spring and no one needed it. I did have a civilian ask me for it,I felt bad telling him no as one of his relatives was a KIA. As for the sling business,I hate typing to converse since it takes the personality out of the conversation. I'm certain mrmackc would have been laughing his azz off if we were sitting around drinking a few beers and I had said that in an old Salty Jarhead voice. Fellas,I have been through a lot since April 23rd of this year and I have a few more months (Chemo) to go before I can start getting back to normal. So, I assure you that I'm not trying to come in here and tell anyone how it's done. BTW, the music in that video is pretty fuqking gey
  19. BTW does the 24 MAU mean anything to you? And in agreement Snapping in is a huge part of marksmanship.
  20. For Gods sake does everything have to be so fuqking literal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in 1980 we used a cheap azz piece of nylon webbing with a couple of aluminum keepers. We got it done with what we had to work with.
  21. Jacob has made a few slings for me,1st class all the way.
  22. I have all these tools for both sizes of the platform. Just curious what you use that pin on the top of the barrel extension for?
  23. Well 35 years ago as a Marine we just drew down and shot your azz. Guy needs some more ink to look more Tactical,and that muzac WTF
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