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DPMS Gen2 barrels


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I am looking for a lighter barrel for my Gen2 Recon because I want to move the balance more to the rear.  The primary use of this rifle is mid range (500 yds or so) out in the desert and I think (DANGER!) that putting a lighter barrel will help with Maneuverability. 

I have been looking for such a barrel but am confused as to compatibility with the Gen2  set up.  I found this barrel https://faxonfirearms.com/faxon-16-pencil-profile-ar10-barrel-308-win-nitrided/

and it says DPMS compatibility but not sure if it's Gen1 or Gen2?  I am new to changing things and I'm not real sure what I need.  Thanks!

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I don't think it's possible for the barrels to be that much different - it's still a .308 Win round that has to go through it. 

The DPMS G2 claims AR15 compatibility, but I don't know how far that goes on the upper receiver.  I know they state you can use AR15 rails on it, but I think we've seen some differences in that "claim" here over time.  If it uses the smaller AR15 barrel nut, then they did something with the upper to accomplish that...  Did they shrink the OD of the barrel extension, too, to make that work?  Not enough detailed info here on the G2s to be able to state anything with fact...  Sorry, but there's not enough info here to confirm or deny for you.

If you pull your barrel, and mic the OD of the barrel extension, and report back - then we can definitely tell you if that is different than the "common" .308AR barrel extension.  That would be a step in the right direction, for confirmation.

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i'm on my first stag 10 build and i think i messed up...

i ordered a rainier arms match .308 rifle gas sdm fluted dpms barrel gen 2-22

the barrel extension od is 1.06 (27mm)

the receiver id is 1.187 (30.17mm)

is it possible to change the barrel extension or do i need a different barrel?

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