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Building my first AR - Everything sorted except my quality buffer situation (not rifle)


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Hey there,

Howdy from Texas! Building my first AR, running a faxon 308 16 midlength pencil barrel on my aero atlas, will purchase some sort of quality adjust block that goes on sale. I would like a short and adjustable stock, not a fixed rifle.

I was originally going to go with a VLTOR A5 (since its so highly regarded) and finally found it on optics planet, until I saw posts that said it wouldnt work as standard even with the adjustable block

I see that aero precision runs their 16 mid ar10s on a carbine stock, and I was thinking if they do it then I might as well get their parts kits.

Absolutely confused with so many different things that is both said and posted. I saw that slash chart and didnt help what so ever... but maybe im just a wee bit too dumb lol


any help and advice is appreciated! be well

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Thank you sir! Excellent read - basically I should adhere to stoners original collapsible ar10 stock of 7 and 5/8, over 5.4oz buffer, and that size spring of 3.25 inch.

What spring do y'all reccomend? I'll go with Vltor AT tube since it's that length, and their H buffer of 5.4oz or greater.



Tho, stoner designed the ar10 around 762x51 and a 308 has more energy so it might be worth going over 5.4oz



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Best thing to buy, and the cheapest price you'll ever get all these components together, in one order.  H3 buffers are about $40.  Receiver extensions, that actually MEET the 7 5/8" internal spec are $40~$75...  need I say more?  This kit is $65.



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Yeah definitely when I saw that armalite sold their kit for 65 i thought it was a hell of a deal compared to damn VLTOR prices


4 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

For sure the Armalite kit mentioned above, best buy out there. If it says out of stock try calling, more than once they have hooked people up.

appreciate the advice on calling, ill call them monday and see if I can sweet talk them into selling one more.

what do yall think about BCM SOPMOD?

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