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Rifle length barrel with a pistol brace?


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I've read through a lot of posts asking similar questions but I can't find anything that quite answers my question so please bear with me.

Unfortunately I live in Connecticut which means for me to build an AR-10 it needs to have a pistol brace instead of a proper stock. 

The question is can I use a rifle length barrel and gas tube paired with a carbine length buffer tube without sacrificing reliability, function and adding too much recoil?

Failing that can I put a pistol brace on a rifle length buffer tube? 

Thanks in advance for the help and sorry if this question has been answered too many times before. 

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Most pistol braces that are made to work on pistol-specific receiver extension - those extensions are AR15 designs, and 7" in internal depth.  In order to run that on a .308AR, you need a buffer that weighs 5.4oz or damn close as well as 2.500" long, and run the Sprinco Orange spring.   KAK makes a good buffer that's 5.3oz, close enough, and doesn't break the bank.  GearHead Works makes two different Tailhook braces which are very good, and SB Tactical makes good braces.  Pay attention to what you're buying for a brace, see if it comes with the receiver extension.  If you buy a brace without an extension, pay attention to what the inner diameter of the brace is, and make sure you buy a AR PISTOL receiver extension - they're larger in diameter than both standard sizes, mil (1.14" OD) and commercial(1.17" OD). PIecing it together will be easy, but you'll need to pay attention to the parts that you're ordering to make sure it's easy...

It'll run fine with a rifle barrel and rifle gas.  Gas systems and recoil systems are not dependent  on each other.  Carbine recoil works fine with rifle gas, etc.  They must be balanced, and work together, though.  The pieces I just listed for you will work fine.

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The SBA3 and SBA4 work on Armalite extensions so you can run the complete Armalite AR10 recoil system. The Tailhook Mod 2 is proprietary and AR15 length so as 98 said, KVP 2-1/2" 5.6 oz buffer and Sprinco Orange. Running both of the above setups with Mid length and shorter then mid length systems. Just got this Tailhook for 100 bucks the other day: 


Like it better then the SB

Here is a alternate to the 2-1/2" KVP Buffer, a just a little lighter, 5.3oz vs 5.6oz 


I always run adjustable gas blocks not strictly necessary but man, you don't need to get quite a precise with gas port , buffer weight, spring, etc. Don't get me wrong, first get the correct recoil and gas set up, but no reason not to have the adjustment option. Keep us posted. 

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When I said Armalite Recoil system, I was talking Armalite AR10 Carbine extension, spring, and buffer.

Here is the KVP buffer that I am running with the Sprinco orange spring:




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I am running SB3's on both my  308 pistols with the Armalite 308 carbine buffer tubes ,springs,and buffer. If it is a virgin lower and you build it as a pistol then it doesn't matter on the barrel length. Some states DO have overall lengths to be considered a pistol. I also have the tailhook 2 on my 300 blackout pistol. I do like it I just don't want to mess with buffers and springs to move it to one of the 308 pistols.

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