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Stag 10 bcg compatibility


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31 minutes ago, Heinrich said:

Yes I switched to a stag 10 

Okay...  you working with stripped lower and upper now, or are you working with changing a complete rifle?

I hope you can see the issues here, working with the information that you're supplying - and you're hoping that you get back some accurate information.

It's a little difficult, providing information to you, when we don't really know what we're working with.  It's difficult enough getting information out of people, but it's even worse on this end when you feel like you have to water-board someone just to get enough information to answer their questions - because those questions are so vague, and lacking information.

Spill the real deal on what you're trying to do, - everything - and let's get to the important stuff. Until you do that, we can beat around the bush for months, and never really get anything done here.

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Let's start first with - Where do you live?  We'd know that if you posted an intro, in the Intro Section, and told us about yourself. Here's the section:


Here's why this is important - there are alot of states with seriously fucked up gun laws.  We might advise you on something, and you do it - and later find out that you're "completely illegal" in your state, with what you've done, based on what WE advised you to do...  Legal Liability here, for the board.  I hope you understand that.

You need to get to details,alot of them. Go make an intro, and spill your own beans about where you are, what you're trying to accomplish with this built, what you want it to do, etc.

You can't give "too much" information" on this, at all.  What you're giving here is "not enough information" to even give you an honest recommendation or opinion.

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Ok here's the deal, I had a dumb moment where I wanted to go with the aero precision m5 but since I live in Alberta Canada where I found out that they are restricted I I decided to go with the complete stag arms upper and lower set which is non restricted instead.

We do have some dumb laws but according to a little bit of research the stag is the best non restricted build

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2 hours ago, Heinrich said:

We do have some dumb laws but according to a little bit of research the stag is the best non restricted build

Large frame ARs are a whole different can of worms both in parts compatibility and Canadian firearms law. Some AR-10s are restricted by name/model which in turn are not 308ARs again some are restricted by name others not. 

 Now some parts can be interchanged between different manufactures/models. Do not trust the average dealer/gunshop to provide you with the correct info. Do not trust the average dealer/gunshop to provide you with the correct info. Confirm parts prior to purchase with this bunch here!

Being here will sadden you when you compare our availability to parts/prices our American brethren have. Up here building 308ARs is a labour of love and not done for cost savings.

So what caliber will this Stag 10 be? 


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15 hours ago, Heinrich said:

 but since I live in Alberta Canada

See now why I asked what I asked?  This snippet of a statement from you COMPLETELY changed what advice you'll get, and from who. 

There are very few of us here that can even THINK about giving you advice on Canadian gun laws.  Nobody in the United States can properly advise you on anything-Canadian-Gun-Law.  We might sound like dicks here sometimes, but this whole thread proves whey we need to ask what we ask, and the rationale for asking it.

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