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My PredatAR


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Ordered mine 4 weeks ago.


We have made a big push to catch up on our back log of rifle orders. Your rifle is paid for and will ship out either today or tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thanks and enjoy!

Luke Smith

Technical Support

LaRue Tactical / APPI

850 County Road 177

Leander, TX 78641

(p) 512.259.1585

(f)  512.259.1588


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Here's a question.  What are you guys going to use for cleaning supplies.

After stopping by the SOT/SAFARTEC committee today and talking to a guy I knew over 20 years ago as a green suiter that is still working there as a contractor now I've decided to go with a Tipton 36" rod because it's fiberglass.  Dewey coated rods are nice but they do bend.  The Tipton will flex and does not pick up metal shavings like the coating on the Dewey. 

Here's the Tipton:  http://www.battenfeldtechnologies.com/tipton/catalog.asp?family=deluxe-cleaning-rods&style=.27-.45-Caliber&ItemNumber=720747

For a Jag, I'm using this:  http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=271331

This type of jag gives your patch much more contact with the barrel surfaces and a nice even pressure compared to the sharp tip models that folds the patch over and can at times be VERY difficult to run through the barrel.

I also ordered a Lucas Bore Guide which is a MUST:  http://www.6mmbr.com/catalog/item/1433308/954882.htm

If you decide to go with this combo Mike will need to know the diameter of your rod which is 1/4" so he can send you the proper insert for the bore guide.

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If you're looking at this rifle as a Precision rifle you'll definitely want to rethink your choices on cleaning supplies.  Improper type of rod or use of rods can greatly reduce the reliability/precision of a barrel.  Personally I'll NEVER run a two piece rod through the Larue and will always us a bore guide.

Another thing you have to take into consideration is the crown of the barrel (where the bullet exits the barrel).  If you get the slightest malformation of the crown it can allow more gasses to escape a that point and possibly tip the rear end of the bullet thus affecting it's accuracy.  I've seen people get in there and dig around with sharp objects not knowing they can damage the crown.

On another note:  NEVER pull a rod with a patch on it back through a precision rifle barrel.  Always remove the patch before retracting the rod.

Just my .02 worth of advice.

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Yea, but that requires more money and patches are awfully cheap.  ;)

I welcome recommendations.  I learned the Army way to clean an AR.

Heck, the jag tip is less than $6 and it screws on the end of your rod.  You did just purchase a "LARUE" didn't you?

Plus you'll go through fewer patches to get it squeaky clean.

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It sure would. 

Don't even think about cleaning the Larue like you did your AR in the Army.  You can, if you want to degrade it's accuracy but I wouldn't recommend it.  Protect the barrel and the chamber at all costs.  You can let that sucker get dirty as hell and stay that way but clean those areas with care and the barrel will last longer as well as shoot consistent longer.  Don't even think about cleaning it without a bore guide in my opinion as you want to protect your investment.

You'll want to clean it from the chamber end and personally I'd never push or pull a patch towards the chamber.

Here's a Lucas bore guide being used on a AR15:  http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?3087-Lucas-Bore-Guide

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