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Single Point Sling Adapter


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Is there one manufacture you recommend?

Several, actually, that I could recommend.  It depends on how you'll attach to it as to what version you'd need (and what your sling has on the end of it).

For a sling using a hook, I'd recommend one of these:

MagPul ASAP:



I Kick Hippes SLAP (like the ASAP, but no moving parts - all one piece):



GG&G attachment - they make a couple different versions, but all attach from the side and not the bottom.  Difficult to transition from side to side, shoulder to shoulder, though.  Both those two above will let you transition from one shoulder to the other without any difficulty.  If that's not something you'll be doing, then the GG&G parts work great.  Here's one of them:


Everything from GG&G:


Another recommendation would be if you have a sling with QD sockets on it - one of the better endplates for QD socket use is the Daniel Defense piece:



Happy hunting (and decision-making)...  ;D

Also, I highly, highly recommend this sling - it's the BDS Tactical Enhanced Dual Sling.  Use it as a single-point, use it as a dual-point - it's far better than the MS2 (too thin, IMHO).  You can search around for the "standard" version of that one, on their site - "Enhanced" is padded, standard is not.  $5 difference.



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Crap! I read the OP when I first woke up and I missed the part about "adapter"...

I use a Troy Sling adapter. It was super easy to install over the existing castle nut. Just slide the collapsible stock off, slide the adapter on, slide the stock back on. Done!

That's one hell of a great benefit, right there - I didn't know about that one, and that you don't have to "take anything apart," really, to install it.  That's damn awesome.  <thumbsup>

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