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What are the recommended bi-pods?

Ted Bell

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I've used several different Harris bipods over the years, and they're good.  I bought a GG&G heavy duty bipod awhile ago, and that's all I'd like to use from now on - it's great, in every aspect. 

I picked up the GG&G HD XDS for a precision 20" 5.56 build, and I ended up using it on my LR-308.  Originally, I thought I'd just use that bipod between the two guns, but now I'm looking for the lighter-duty version (just the XDS) for the 5.56 gun. 

Fantastic bipod. 

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It's not even in the same class.  Quality, construction, overall rigidity - the GG&G is just better, everywhere.  When I look at the Harris bipods now, they all look like they're "stamped out" of the material.  The GG&G is a work of art - a very heavy duty work of art.  The legs lock up and lock down (not a plus to some people, but I like it).  It cants left and right, something you'll only get on a few Harris models ("S" models) - and the tension on the cant is adjustable - something not available on any Harris S model.  Also, there's just about no way to secure a Harris to a gun in the same manner (as secure) that you can secure the GG&G - the picatinny mount of the GG&G is built right into it, and just about everything out there for a Harris takes an adapter of some sort - the the standard Harris bipod swivel stud mount isn't anywhere as secure as a pic mounting style. 

Here's what it take to mount a Harris on all the guns out there...  Keep in mind, all you need to mount the GG&G is a Pic rail mount, nothing more...

SmallHarrisAdapters.jpeg  638.jpg

In a nutshell, I'll never go back to a stud-mount bipod, and there are no Harris options out there that do tha same thing as the GG&G, for the same price, quality, simplicity, et al.  I'm sold on the GG&G after using it, and I'm looking for more of them.

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I like the Harris on my Remington 700 but on the DPMS LR-308 and my AR-15's it looks like I too will be sticking with the GG&G's. If the BOBRO ever become available to the general public I will buy one to try as it shares its lineage with the GG&G.

I recently bought and sold a TangoDown Adanced Combat Bipod. It was nice and light but I had difficulty with it due to my own physical ability. I think its a worthy candidate at $120-$140 but I often see it over $200. At that price get the GG&G

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Is it possible to attach the GG&G bipod to a stock varmint model (26" barrel) RRA LAR-8?  I'm pretty sure it does not come with a lower picatinny mount- to get that you have to get one of the quad rail or half quad free float tubes they sell extra ($200).  Thoughts?



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