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Looking for a GOOD AR10 upper vise block


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Hi everyone,

I spent a little more time searching for posts about this and also where the best place to post it would be, hope I did OK.  Noob seeking experienced ad-vise... (deliberate misspelling...)

I am getting ready to do a 308 upper build and although I did pick up a Midwest Industries 308 reaction rod, I also wanted to get an upper receiver vise block.  By upper vise block I mean the kind you can put in a bench vise, set an upper down into, put some pins through the takedown/pivot pin holes to hold it steady and then do whatever work you were going to do.

The question is, Who makes a GOOD AR10/308 upper receiver vise block that actually FITS a DPMS-pattern upper with a solid hold on takedown and pivot pins (pins that are the right diameter would be a nice start...), and the upper doesn't doesn't wobble around inside the vise block?  And doesn't require you to squeeze the upper vise block in your bench vise to tighten the poor hold the upper vise block has on the upper?  Anyone?

After striking out twice in a row dealing with an in-state vendor trying to get an Odin Works AR10/AR15 upper vise block here undamaged (a 3lb aluminum block needs more than just getting tossed into a much larger box with a pillow or two, or a crumple or two of paper...), I gave up trying with them ("Houston, we have a problem...") and ordered a Wheeler one from Midway with my last order.  It had good reviews there... But my KAK 308 upper is an awfully loose fit in that vise block - pins are loose and it also wobbles in the vise block.  The Wheeler instructions seem to be saying this vise block relies on clamping force from my bench vise to "squeeze' their vise block to provide lateral tension on my 308 upper.

I am just not sure I like that idea, but maybe this design is "normal"...?  o_O

I saw an XS sights one at DSG Arms that looks like it might actually use separate pin holes and separate sides of the block for AR10 vs. AR15.  I realize that doesn't necessarily equal better fit though.  Just not sure.

The Odin Works one seemed like probably a nice design but since theirs ship with the pins inserted, I have to depend on the vendor to ship it packed well to not get it here damaged. 



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Being a noob it is entirely possible I am overthinking all of this and don't need an upper vise block AND a reaction rod.

Watching some vids of people using the reaction rods I saw there could be a risk of the upper sliding and thought there might be some times having the pins through something to hold the upper steady might be better.  But I'm a noob. 🙂

All advice welcome!

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35 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

Plastix Revolution does a good one - but with a reaction rod, you won't need a vise block.



Thank you, now I don't have to remember to dig mine out and see what they hell they were called :thumbup:

This is the one I used. Like I said, never a problem but while trying to swap a handguard on a PSA 300 upper I noticed the beginning of some flex and ordered the reaction rod. Truth be told I never did get that barrel nut off, it ran so I swapped it for parts I needed. I did have to ever so slightly shave the block at the pins for 308 stuff but that gave me a good fit then. 


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Whoops, sorry bout that.  The editor is a little wonky for me when using the "at" callouts.  (prolly javascript blocker thing)


Hi 98Z5V, jtallen83 and Rsquared --

Thank you for the replies.  I will check those out.

I can definitely see the reaction rod being more useful especially when I torque the barrel down and not have to worry about flexing the receiver or the vise being able to hold it well.  I fully plan to use the reaction rod when I put the barrel on and torque/unscrew/re-torque 3X the barrel nut on, mount the rail, etc. 

I saw one video a day or so ago of someone using what was called a super reaction rod, it had screw and/or lugs to lock it in place so the receiver wouldn't slide on the rod once those locks were engaged.  But the MW one I picked up doesn't have that.  

One example of an operation I can see an upper vise block maybe being a better fit for is this little "tit" of a ding I found on the front face (top/front corner) of the last pic on the front of my upper receiver.  It evidently was already there when it went into the anodizing tank because the finish is not disrupted at all.  But I will need to "kiss" that face just a bit with an appropriate file to take that down to match the rest of the surface and touch up with some aluminum black.  It is standing the handguard off just the tiniest bit from a perfect/flat/straight fit, like a little miniature fulcrum.

Slowly experience is shaping my long term opinions..... 🙂


Thanks everyone!


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11 hours ago, Tack14 said:

I saw one video a day or so ago of someone using what was called a super reaction rod, it had screw and/or lugs to lock it in place so the receiver wouldn't slide on the rod once those locks were engaged.  But the MW one I picked up doesn't have that.  

Real Avid has one kinda like that, but I think they only make it for AR15s, not the Large Frame ones.  It's this one:


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