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ARMS return to zero scope mount


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51 minutes ago, blue109 said:

I feel like A.R.M.S. was high speed stuff 20 years ago, and hasn't really done anything impressive since. Just riding that reputation. 

True, but I'm hoping to find a base that returns some what to zero as I'd swap 1x5 30mm scope and Aimpoint red dot back and fourth pending AO's

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11 hours ago, Throck said:

Wasn't there a lawsuit or something?

Yeah there was - and the result was...   ARMS sucks.  The lawsuit from ARMS TO LaRue didn't work out so well for ARMS.  Mark LaRue made it a game - break the levers off your ARMS mount, and send it to him, and he'd give you a LaRue mount for it.  Free.  He took all the broken ARMS mounts to SHOT Show, and put them on display at his booth.

Now, your questions about the best mount is...   What?  What else do you need to see?  Need more info on the ARMS mounts over the LaRue mounts, for any other information?...  

I'm confused about why you're confused, over the best return-to-zero mount out there.  Maybe I'm not understanding, or I can't smell what you're spreading here...  :popcorn:

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OK Well I don't do politics or take sides in pissing matches.  I just read up on what had transpired and they all seem pretty proud of their simple little widgets.  lol

The Swan mount is steel which is what I would prefer for multiple on-off removals. 

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2 minutes ago, Throck said:

Are they actually return to zero or somewhat return to zero? 

Read the reviews on the LaRue website.  You can't grasp what we're telling you, so go to the LaRue website, and read the reviews on their mounts, right there. 

Apparently, we can't communicate well here, and we're not getting the point across - or you're not understanding it.  Something is going on.

If you want "return-to-zero" information on LaRue mounts, and how accurate that return to zero is, then I can only suggest you go to their own website, and search their reviews.

How hard is that - for you, it's pretty fucking painful.  You kinda "refuse to understand." 

I'll give you a head-start on this.  Hit this link.


I'll go even further - because it seems that you need that.  Here's the link to the scope mounts.  Do me a favor - pick ANY scope mount that they make, and just check the reviews...  Apparently, the reviews that WE GIVE YOU, spoon-fed, thus far...  are not enough for you.

LaRue only makes 21 different scope mounts.  They're ALL in this link, that I've gifted to you - because RESEARCH = HARD.  Pick any mount you want in there, read reviews, formulate your own opinion.  It's not that difficult.  Well, it's not difficult for us, so I don't understand why it's kicking your ass so bad.  My observation, here, on what's gon on in this thread.  You make an easy job hard. That's just what you do.

Here's your information - your job now is...  GO DIG!  Good luck to you. 


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