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Added another part


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I don't know if I'll ever need to use it but is shortens the 300BLK AR from just 30 1/2" to just under 24". The 1st measurement is with the blade arm brace fully retracted.

Note that the handgun can't be fired in the short configuration. It's for transport or storage only. 

So what is it? It's a Sylvan Arms folding stock adapter. I'd been looking at other adapters with another build a few years ago and they wanted crazy prices for them so I passed. But Botach had a one day sale on these for just over $100. It consists of the hollow tube adapter/hinge unit, and an extension that fits into the back of the BCG. The entire unit weighs 6 ounces so it adds something less than 6 ounces to the BCG. So far I've tried it with my supersonic 85gr Maker loads and it cycles fine. I haven't tried it with subsonic yet, but I load my own ammo and I'll just build ammo to work with it. I'll know more when the range opens up. It looks rugged enough but I don't intend to crawl through the puckerbrush or butt stroke with it.  Folded the upper is more or less open where the castle nut would be and the BCG extension protrudes maybe 1/2". The BCG extension is held in place by the same  parts that release the hinge and lock it in place. So unless the button is pushed it remains in place. To return the handgun to useable condition hinge the buffer tube back around, push the button and it locks in place.

To diassemble, fold the buffer tube, depress the same button again and hold it. Then the BCG extension can be pulled out and normal disassembly follows. To remove the BCG the extension must be removed or the upper won't hinge open from the lower at the rear.

I don't know if I'll ever need to use it to make the handgun smaller, but I've got the option. I wish I had ordered a few more now. 

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The instructions state to check the o rings regularly. No o ring specs stated. I contacted the manufacturer, no response. I'd like to have o rings on hand. Do you know the specs?

It sux to have a manufacturer not support their product. That's the pits. Maybe thety went belly up? IDK. But why else would a manufacturer not tell a customer what the spec is for a part that they state needs to be checked?

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Changed the configuration a bit... I don't move rapidly. I make small moves, test them and either keep them or reject them. 

My original intent was to have my hand out on the fore-end and the arm brace tucked under my arm. The use of a laser/light would be used for sighting for HD and hopefully never needed for clearing my own home. But rear switch on the laser/light moved my hand from the end and back onto the fore-end. I never want to take the chance of anyone getting leverage on me however remote the possibility is. But my hand had to be positioned there to operate the switch. Today I fiddled with the pressure pad switch to see if I could rig it suitably. I also moved the laser/light onto a 45° side mount to get it out of the sight picture entirely. All of those changes make it soooo much better IMO. I was concerned that the cable would annoy me by being in the way but where it is is completely out of the way. 

What a PITA to sight in the laser mounted on the 45° offset mount! It's close enough for inside the home distances. But clearly I don't think in anything but vertical and horizontal directions.




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I've been thinking about it... When it was on the top of the handguards sighting it in was easy, up was up and left and right the same, but it took away some of the sight picture, hence the move. I intend to make it shoot within it's usable range with the offset as measured at the muzzle. If the SHTF that offset will be meaningless as there will be other issues adding to the offset. So if I turn the rifle at 45° so that the laser has "normal" adjustments it should make it easier for my old brain to adjust to sighting it in. At any appreciable distance I don't plan on using the laser anyway as a first option, the light maybe. The laser will be adjusted for my supersonic load, or that's the plan. It should be sub minute of dirtbag for HD. For in the house use now it's already close enough. For any distance (I hope it never comes to that) I have the red dot zeroed for point blank range. But one is none and 2 is one, so I'd like to get more out of the laser if possible. Hence not collimating it to coincide with the sight. The way I plan on it'll always be off and if needed I'll compensate, but how critical is an inch? I compensate all the time anyway in competition, so it's no big deal. I just "aim off" a bit to get my A zone hits. The heart is a fairly large target at close range, so is the brain.

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