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So It Begins!


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All that "gun show loophole" stuff is a pile of shi...

They talked about that the whole time I was in VA.  I hit every major and minor gunshow there while I was there, bought several things, and there was ALWAYS a 4473 filled out and a call-in made.  The "loophole" didn't exist. 

The politicians already know this: they're not going to stop criminals from getting firearms.  They're trying to scare the uneducated public with anything they can, to pass what they really want - they don't want the legal, law-abiding citizens to have the firearms, either, and that is what they can stop. 

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My only point, brother, was that they can pass that law there, and it's not going to make a bit of difference in whether or not criminals get guns. 

They're scaring the public by telling them that the criminals get their guns from gunshows, and they do it through the loophole - once it closes, they'll still get as many as they want, however they want to get them.  Closing the "Gunshow Loophole" doesn't have any kind of impact on the ability for a criminal to get his hands on a gun. 

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That is exactly right brother.Here buy and selling is like buying and selling a car, unless the arm sold as in my case [there was paper when bought I want paper when sold to cover my ass]but in used arms a lot of cash and carry.Most criminals steal arms or buy stolen if not all.Shoot on bro.

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Didn't take her long to fall in lockstep with rest of the weenies in NY....she was appointed by the last governor and I'll bet she was schooled real quick about what to support and not support if she wanted to keep her seat in the next election...too bad,cuz she showed promise at first...Chuck has her ear for sure

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