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I guess I just don't get the way some folks think


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I know I don't understand the way the left thinks (pure evil). But this is not that. It involves 300BLK vs 300Ham'r vs .308 Win.

There is a review of the Wilson 300 Ham'r in the latest Firearms News and In it the author basically states that the 300Ham'r is superior to the 300 BLK and if it had come out forst the 300BLK would be nonexistent today. He bases it only on velocity and ft/lbs. Heck, going by that POF makes an Ar15 in .308 Win that will wi[e the floor with the Ham'r. I built my 300BLK because it could do a credible job at supersonic and still do subsonic. The author admits the Ham'r doesn't do subsonic well. I'm at a loss to understand the superiority of the Ham'r if it doesn't do subsonic. It clearly wouldn't work for me. Or should I go back to my prepubescents days when I compared cartridges based on ft/lbs and velocity with little understanding of anything else? Like what they can be used for? I hope I'm explaining myself adequately. 

I don't think I'm a fan boy for anything, but I see what will work for me and select the cartridge based on what it will do. Heck, I even use cartridges from the late 1800s because they do what I want. 

I think the author of the article is full of crap. But I don't doubt that the 300 Ham'r is right for the use some folks will put it to. But superior? So how does it do subsonic? And does it just sip powder to do what it does? That was another reason I liked 300BLK, it uses little powder to get 'er done.

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Exactly! I've never found one superior cartridge. But there may be a superior cartridge for a given application. 

The author of the article should have known better IMO. He's not a noob. Maybe I missed something. Highly likely.

I seem to remember in many years past a cartridge based on the .223 with the neck opened up to .30. As is it might not feed in a magazine (was it for the Contender?), but shorten the brass and deep seat the bullet and maybe I'm envisioning the 300 Ham'r? Oh well, I don't want it. I don't want a .30 in the AR that uses more powder than the 300BLK. The BLK does exactly what I need it to do. Maybe if we had hogs the 300 Ham'r might attract me, but the .50 Beowulf could be used or even a .308 Win.

I'm rambling. 

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