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Holidays during the war


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It sucks being deployed during holidays.  Sucks ass.  December 1989 I was in Panama.  Jan through Aug 2002 I was in the PI doing the GWOT-Hunt-ASG game, so all those holidays in there.  T-Day 2003 I was in Afghanistan, 12-hr notice deployment on Nov 9th.  Yes, Vets Day weekend, long weekend off for .mil folks. Longer weekend for SF folks.  Nope, move out.  Grab a plane.  Officially notified to grab gear/guns and go at 1400, wheels up 2300 that night.  We had a week-long hint that it was coming, so we were on the range, re-zeroing optics when the real word came down.  Shut it down, men - get to the team room and gather your shiit.  Now.  

88/89 was Korea, late 91/92 was Korea, 94 was Korea, early 97/early 99 was Korea. More than 6 years in that country, total, counting the 4 tours and 10 TDYs.  TDYs all over the planet all the time, training deployments, ,most time I ever had at one unit was back at Group 99/04, five years without a PCS.  But all over the planet during that timeframe, combat deployments, training deployments, exercises.

Ain't a damn thing about .mil life that's easy. 21.5 years.  Moved 22 times, total, overall, from place-to-place-to-place...  Move from this station to a school, move to another school, move to next duty station...   Worth it all, in the end.  Never be able to replicate or replace any of those memories, places, or friends.  I try, through you fuqrs...  :hail:

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