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How do you EDC?

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For most of the last year, my daily wear has either been shorts and T's or sweats and T's or jeans/tac pants and long sleeve Henley under a thick button down long sleeve, mostly the least amount of clothing to run around in. When working in the urban jungle, I'd 3 o'clock carry my Bersa, worked out very well, when I run to the store real quick, I'd pocket an LCP Max, all good options.

I did however put together a quick "snatch-on-the-way-out-the-door" bag that covers most everything for a few hour jaunt out, no matter what the uniform of the day is. It's a black sling bag that I have agonized over because it either doesn't have enough room, or it's too roomy for what I want right now - so I finally decided it is mostly full, it stays that way, and I never have to worry about what is in there. The only thing that rotates out is the snacks - they get some time on them and it becomes necessary to change them out. Snacks are there because I have been known to "blood sugar crash" and it's not fun. It's got a Gerber multi-tool, a small folding knife, a space pen, a pencil, a small note pad and a larger notebook for detailed writing should it be necessary, a small O-Light, and most importantly, my Bersa in a secured Velcro holster with a spare mag. In my car is a "Sticky" holster, and once in the car on anything further than 10 minutes away, the Bersa comes out of the bag, into the sticky and either on the top dash flat, or behind my right ankle between the seat and console. If it's just me in the car, it goes on the passenger side between the seat cushion and console. When and if I get out of the car, it's on me or put up about as securely as I can.

And being an amateur radio op, I have been known to carry a hand held radio in the bag as well.

So, what have you all got?


EDC bag.jpg

EDC bag holster.jpg

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17 hours ago, shooterrex said:

No first aid/stop the bleed equipment?

The car and truck and camper have first aid boxes, as does a get home bag (that isn't much used anymore), but now you're making me think. I'm sure there is room for a couple of flat items like 4 inch gauze pads and a bandanna and anti-septic towelettes.

I've gotten lax since I've not been working out of the house. I will thank you with a raised brow and sideways look, wondering what else you will suggest that I decide needs to be included.

I've been keeping this a small "grab and go" thing. So much anymore I am wearing sweats or shorts that will fall off if weighted down with more than a pocket knife and keys - and sometimes the keys will drag them down! this I can sling over my shoulders having the bag up front for access control and access to all storage. It also disappears in the black interior of my car behind tinted windows. Less eye candy for casual lookee-lou's.

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