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Cheap scope

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lol, I have had a few BSA 3-9x40 for my 243 and they did just fine for dropping a few deer so I figured I would give this one a shot.  I have wanted to try a high power mildot on 308 for a while but I'm not planning to shoot long range a whole lot, I just wanted to try it and this deal is cheap enough for my taste ;D

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Roger that!  <thumbsup>

To each his own, I guess I'm a little partial to my Mueller... I hope I wasn't coming off as a jerk, I just didn't have a good experience with that particular manufacturer. I'm all about saving money so long as the product meets or exceeds the requirements. Good find bro!

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lol naa its all good, I didn't care if nobody else bought one.  Just wanted to throw a heads up out there....I've seen muellers but I havent' heard much about em and haven't ever used one myself.

Try at least one before you ever spend the money on anything more expensive... I bought this one and it has performed flawlessly, and has exactly 203 rounds of LR308 vindication behind it. It's 100% clutz friendly too, I haven't babied this scope and it hasn't budged from zero, except of course when I'm fine-tuning with the 1/8" turrets!  <thumbsup>

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  • 2 months later...

I am looking for a good reliable scope.  I have had Simmons,  Leopold,  Nikon fall apart for me.  All of these cost $200-$300.

All of them carry lifetime warranties;  Simmons sent me back a better scope because the model I originally bought (it was my second Simmons) has apparently been discontinued.

I intend to send one of my Leupold's back and see if I can get a discount on something more to my liking and built better.  I put the Simmons replacement scope on the lever gun to see if it was the scope or the rifle and the groups closed in by half.  More,  no more fliers off the paper or way out on the edges.  The rifles shoot where they are pointed and where they are pointed depends on the scopes.

I need to go to the range and recheck the Nikons?  I have no doubt that the report elsewhere here about Brown Bear ammo not doing well in the LR-308 was in fact the Nikon disintegrating.  The scope is solid and straight in its rings.  The reticule is tilted which was not the case when it was mounted.  A couple of shots with ammo known to have performed with that rifle and scope will tell.  Last time I had too much going on and was too tired.

The other Nikon is on the Savage bolt gun.  Two trips ago the holes in the target from my hand loads were in a less than 2 inch circle with the last couple of Hornady rounds dotting the center.  Last time they were on a straight horizontal line across the paper.  I was blaming it on the way I was shooting but I was doing the same thing with the Remington (with the first Simmons I bought) and those holes in the target were almost close enough to hide behind a half-dollar.  Would have been if I had been shooting off a better rest.

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OK guys:  The gremlins are doing a number on me again.  I spent most of the day at the range today.  As far as I can tell all the scopes performed admirably.  This time.

Targets were at 100 yards except for the 44 carbine.  It was seriously hot today.  I forgot my own bottles of tea and got by on machine soda.  Too much caffeine and too much corn sweetener.

The Nikon scope on the LR-308 adjusted on the last occasion and then tumbled its gyros.  This time I started out with the same pattern in the same place as it was at the end of shooting last time except a smaller group,  pulled it down a total of 48 clicks and right 24 clicks in two stages and put it in the center of the target again.  The first 5 rounds were the Russian Bear ammo up in the corner measuring 1 1/8 inch and then I fired 6 rounds of Hornady BT spitzer red plastic point to the center that measure 1 inch horizontally and 1/2 inch vertically;  all inside the 10 ring and 3 completely inside the white center. 

The Nikon on the Savage gave a 2 3/4 inch group to 13 rounds of mixed Brown Bear (10)  and Hornady (the other 3).  Drop the outer flier and it is an easy 2 1/2 inch pattern scattered across the 9 and 10 rings with two inside the white center and two more solidly touching the white center.

The Remington with its Simmons Aetec (the first scope I ever bought)  held a pattern with the Russian Bear 1 1/4" wide and 2" tall sitting on the horizontal centerline of the target,  centered a 1/4" to the right of the vertical centerline.  The Hornady rounds hit with an extreme 2 inch spread,  5 rounds.  Excuse my flier and it was a tight 3/4 Inch,  3 of them almost touching in a vertical torn strip.  The tight group was 1/2 inch left and 1 1/2 inch high. 

The 44 carbine is driving me past the edge of . . .  whatever.  To get on paper took a field scope alignment;  pull the bolt,  balance the rifle on the sandbags,  eyeball the bore picture as compared to the scope picture?  Rotate the elevation control more than a full revolution 'down.'  Last time I was getting decent groups.  Last time I was shooting handloaded 300 grain  LBT bullets (Cast Performance)  too.  Those loads do much better in the Marlin than any factory ammo.  The group from last time with 12 LBT bullets is all inside the 9 ring with a spread of 3 inches center to center;  drop the one fartherest out and the group drops to 2 1/2 inches.  Next time I will be shooting my own loadings and will probably have to go through all this again to get enough elevation 'up.'  Final group today with Remington factory 240 grain JSP is a scattered mess that  measures  3 1/4 inch wide and 5 inches tall at only 50 yards.  From a solid sandbag rest.

I have a report on the new S&W 4 inch 44 Mag revolver under "Ruger Redhawk" in "Handguns."  This post is intended to be about optics and is offered as a report on my experience with scope performance in casual real-world use.

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I have been wanting to test a new Weaver, the guys on the Marlin forum swear by 'em. I bought a 1-3x20 for a 30-30 carbine on sale at Midway for $149. Ended up putting it on a Marlin 99-M1 22 auto I picked up at a household sale. This is a really nice scope, glass is clear right to the edge, and the adjustments work perfectly. Would make a great brushbuster, the 1x setting has a really enormous field of view

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