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308win upper on a 762 NATO lower


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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and new to gun bulding in general. I have purchased a CMMG lower 7.62x51. I have looked all over for the answer to this question and no matter how I phrase it in a google search I get every answer, but not one to the question I'm asking. Can I use a 308win upper on my 7.62x51 NATO lower? I've got to believe I'm asking a stupid newbe question but I've go to know the answer. Thanks

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Sorry for the mis-step I'm not used to the site yet.

I have a DPMS/SR25. Am I OK using a 308win upper?

When I started my project I was aware of the two different platforms but I did not know that the 308win was different than the 762 Nato and purchased the 762 Nato.

A second question is, what are the reasons someone would choose a 7.62x51 over a 308win? I mean...... knowing the defference now I would have choose to buy a 308win lower. Am I missing somthing? 

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Your over thinking this. The lower is the same with regard to caliber. CMMG chose to refer to it as 7.62 rather than .308 Winchester.

7.62 nato and .308 Winchester will only apply with regards to the chamber in the barrel.

Your not finding search results because your not asking a typical question. It's like regretting buying bottled water because you could have bought H2O instead. Know what I mean?

Hope this helps

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Thanks, great analogy, I understand completely and am relieved about my purchase. I'll make sure I buy the 308 upper. You are right; most people that are new to a subject tend to overthink it. As for me......I do it in spades! Thanks again to everyone.

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