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Remington sm pistol primers


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I have been having problems with some Rem. sp primers in my 9mm pistols . They had no problem firing in my wifes 38+P rounds , just my 9's that I took to the range yesterday & it has not been just yesterday . I have had problems with them before & just thought it was some thing I was doing .

I did find out before , that reloading & priming on my Dillon , some of the primers on a certain brand of 9mm , was not depriming & when I thought I was priming , I was just pushing the spent primer back into the case .

Extending the decaping pin , made no difference after I found what was going on by pulling the bullets & finding a spent primer in there (a good reason why I hand prime my cases )

The ones I pulled yesterday had a perfectly good Rem. primer in there (except for the firing pin dent )I used two different 9mm pistols to see if they would ignite , but they wouldn't .

Any one else have any problems with these primers ?

I got them last year , I have twenty year old primers & have no problems with & I have Rem. bench rest sm rifle primers I use & work fine .

Why did I not have problems with the 38's ?

This is a head scratcher , I see no difference in reloading technique , I make sure I don't ever touch a primer with my hand/fingers. They go from the box to the hand primer & into the case , no touching !

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When in doubt ...don't use them. Win WSP have never failed me in the 9mm and 40S&W , give them a try. I had a problem with CCI 34's & 41'S in the 6.8 Quentin upper switched to Win WSR & WLR primers and no more problems. I only use the Rem BR's in certain calibers but they work great.

Mike H

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What bothers me is they worked in the 38 special , why not two different 9 MM 's .

I did get the primers to go off , but it took a small hammer & punch . I know they are not in the primer pocket to contain the primer when I put them on my vice to pop them ,but still seemed to take a lot & they had already been hit several times with a firing pin in the primer pocket .

At least I know they are not contaminated & that would have been me or some thing I did .

I have always used WW or CCI primers & it looks like these are staying with the 38 special . Just means I have to get more primers now , may be a good thing .

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I know you probably checked this already but are they seated all the way so the anvil is seated in priming compound? Maybe try cleaning the primer pocket to see if there is a difference. I personally never clean my pockets on pistol brass but I guess if the carbon thick enough on the edges where the anvil legs go it might cause a problem just guessing though. I've never used Rem primers before so I don't have any experience with them but I've never had any problems with WLP, CCI, or Tula

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First I have never had a problem with any primers , till these Remington's & I also use CCI & WW with no problems .

My brass is sized & deprimed & then tumbled in stainless steel tumbling media method & the brass comes out like new , inside & out , including the primer pocket.

I hand prime all my reloads , with a lee hand primer , I like to feel them seat.

It just seems strange to me that the primers worked in the 38+P ammo with out a hitch ,but the 9MM had a few problems .

The Rem. primers I have left will only be used in 38 special ammo & I will buy no more . At least SM. pistol , I have good results with the SM rifle match primers in for the AR's.

Ya know come to think of it , I bought these during the great ammo,reloading component drought after the last election . Hay , its BO's fault . <thumbsup>

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