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My JD handguard problem


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JD handguard is secured to the barrel nut "collar" using 6 4-40 flat head screws. they keep coming loose. Just from handling it and playing the action they come loose after a little while. this will not do, obviously. I tried to loctite the screws and that helped not at all. thinking maybe try some thin as I can get shimstock from hware store to fit between the sleeve where tube contacts collar. I will keep you informed of of anything else I learn about it. But if I can't fix then this JD handguard will have to go, pity because I really like how it looks and it cost me $200.

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Loctite should work. What loctite did you use? How did you prep the threads?


I used some red loctite and I used it liberally, not that I'm a freaking liberal  <lmao>

The threads? I dunno they were just there ready to go, not dirty. But the screw heads are a little small. Maybe bigger heads would help. Or maybe I re-tap for 6-32?

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never mind, the problem is me. i went to the Hware store last week to replace the flat head phillips screws that came with it & i got allen flat heads instead because the phillips dont look good. i bought 4-40's when the thing is tapped 6-32... BONE HEAD!!!  :cookoo:

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