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What should I do now?


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Hi guys I'm thinking I should run this by you all. I had settled on waiting for SWFA to start shipping their new SS HD 1-6x24 FFP tactical scope that I would use on my LR-308. It looks like that is still about an3 month wait from now. I really like the specs of this new SWFA scope and had my heart set on it. But I don't know I wanna wait that long. I have also considered the IOR 2-12x36 Spartan with elevation turret calibrated for 168 gn .308 and illuminated MP 8 Dot, but it's non FFP. Also the IOR 1.5-8x24 looks very nice but I'm not completely sold on it's CQC reticule. I like how the SS HD 1-6 reticule works with the FFP.

Should I wait for SWFA or chose another like one of those IOR's? SWFA will be a steal at $800 with coupon code but long wait. The IOR's are $1300 and $1330 if purchased also from SWFA.

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I would think it's all in what you could afford brother NoFail.Could get a in the mean time scope and sell it later or build another rifle and attach the scope to that. <dontknow>

Yeah brother unforgiven I thought about that too. Hmmm I may just have to do that  <dontknow>

Me thinks I like that IOR 1.5-8x but I wish it was FFP. I wonder if it would be hard to sell?

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Ok I hung in there and just ordered from SWFA their new SS HD 1-6x24 FFP. Used new coupon code just activated by SWFA. Got $200 off the price of $999.95. Now the wait begins for shipping which could take as long as 2 months or more......

Edit: by the way coupon code for SWFA 1-6x is "5000"

Coupon code for the SS HD 5-20x50 FFP non illuminated is 4000, $250 off of that one  <thumbsup>

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I'm in the same boat. According to Midway, I'll have to wait until August for my Vortex Viper HS5-15x 44. I'm going to buy a "In the meantime" scope for it, and then put that scope on a different rifle once the Vortex arrives.

I considered doing that. But as much as I would be shooting her between now and July, if I have to wait that log, it would not be justified to go thru that trouble. On the upper receiver rail I mounted a mini red dot reflex sight using a offset mount. The scope will mount over it, with red dot sight under the scopes ocular area. So I'll use that for now and practice using it first. It will still be amusing  <munch>

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