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OK, for years I have been fighting my department about the carry rules for handguns. As it stands right now, we are allowed to carry almost any double-action semiautomatic handgun in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP. Currently I carry a Sig P226 in .40S&W. I really have no complaints about this handgun, save one.... It's not my 1911!!!

A new regime has come into power, and the age of a tyrant dynasty has ended (old chief got the axe a few weeks ago). In light of the power shift, the new chief has asked to reexamine the handgun policy. With that said... It's shopping time... And it looks like 1911's will be back on the menu!!!

So here in lays my problem. I can't just simply carry my old trusty Springfield TRP Operator with full length rail. I mean, I guess I could, but why waste the perfect opportunity to buy something NEW and carry that one instead??

Here is my current wishlist, in no particular order... You will see a common theme here.


Sig Arms 1911 Carry Scorpion :drool:


Kimber USA Stainless TRP/LE Pro :drool:


Springfield Armory LW Champion Operator :drool:

The Sig is a great gun. I have experience with their 5" models and I think they are GREAT. My only issue is this only comes in TAN and the external extractor. Both I can live with.

The all stainless Kimber is sexy as sin. Kimber hasn't had the best track record lately though. It also will require a lot of extra parts to make it ambi, like the other two models. I am torn between the benefit of a bull barrel vs the bushing barrel.

The Springfield is the least expensive option, by about $300. I'm not a fan of the aluminum frame though. I also don't like that I'll be sending it out immediately to get the front strap checkered. Of the three models, this is the only one I have shot.

So many choices <dontknow> ...

The first person to say "BUY ALL THREE" must immediately punch himself in the guts for me.

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Of those three I would get the Springfield.

As a counter argument for the alloy frame, you are getting this for a carry gun and as the day goes on ounces feel like pounds.

Remember this isn't your average "carry" though. This is a "duty" gun, and I weigh 260lbs. Add another 30lbs for gear. Four or five ounces isn't going to break me any. Besides, the P226 is far from being anorexic and I've been carrying that fine for 10 years. On the flip side, I think I'll give Springfield's custom shop a call on Monday. They have an LEO program, and I might be able to order something a little fancier??

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