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archangel's new ar lightweight project


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as some of you guys know i finished my long range ar308 build a couple months ago.  well, since then i am hooked on the 308 platform and i wanted a lighter 308 for CQB and competitions.  Since the one i built is a monster and not practical for run and gun.  i decided to build a nice, sturdy, and lightweight (as much as you can with 308) rifle.

here is the parts list:

* Mega Arms Maten billet 308 upper and lower set

* Dpms AP4 contour 16" barrel (ordered today)

* Apex midlength handguard

* Dpms chrome BCG

* Magpul moe rifle stock in FDE

* Magpul afg1 in FDE (i have)

* Mapgul MIAD grip in FDE (ordered today)

* Dpms trigger group retuned (i have)

* Spikes Tactical dynacomp comp

* Magpul BUIS

* misc parts kit stuff

unsure on optic as of right now.  they make a 308 specific ACOG but its like $1300 lol.  may get a 512 since its a meaty optic and should be able to take the 308

here is an inspiration of what the end product will kinda look like minus my touches i do



the pics are of an ar15 mine will be a 308 but you get the idea

theres a few parts i may upgrade. thinking of swapping out the moe rifle stock since its still a preorder and get the str or the safariland FDE stock

going to send out the apex handguard to get cerakoted in magpul FDE

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like the AR 15 rifle length handguard that I've got on my 300BLK. I think the midlength .308 handguard is going to be shorter, something to double check if your trying to build it to resemble the one pictured. By the way, as otheres can attest, the Apex is a quality, light weight handguard. I really like the way the tube is milled, feels very grippy.

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i have the sass barrel on my other 308 so this one is lightweight to me lol.  i had a bunch of midway money on my account plus a coupon so i couldnt pass up on this barrel.  i didn't want the pencil barrel or a heavy barrel this is about in the middle and fit my needs

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