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What is "good enough?


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  Back when I owned a retail shop, I used to judge various gun mfgs on how many of thier guns came in for repair.

    40 years later, I'v altered my way of thinking.  Now I also look at "real world" reports of guns, not the blarny spouted by most gun writers.

  Failures for feed, fire, and eject are of real importance!  So is fit and finish of parts.

    So, my question, what do "you" look for in a new firearm?



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I try to assess the quality of it's construction, it's fit to my intended purpose and shooting style, and ultimately know beforehand it's reliability based on everyday use assessments by qualified professionals. Brand is not terribly relevant as long as it is a reputable brand and has a name for themselves in customer service.

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When I worked retail, there wasn't a rifle, shotgun, or handgun manufacturer that didn't have an example of each of their wares returned for poor QC...I don't care what you think of "Vaulted-brand A" or B or C.

The lone standing example from a major manufacturer was the Springfield XD series pistols (their other firearms got sent back).  The place I worked has now sold about 2,500 XD series.  The only return was one someone apparently tried to hammer-assemble, which was stuck half-way through the process.  Springfield voided the warranty and charged a couple hundred bucks to fix it.

So, IMO, "good enough" isn't.


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I'm extremely prejudice, and downright racist, when it comes to guns. You can trust your Kel-Tec and Hi-Point all you want. It may be your most trusted and reliable gun. I don't like it and I don't want it. Don't even bother bringing it to the range with me either. I'll tease you, talk shit, and purposely make myself look like an ignorant asshole.

I rarely step out of the American made market. My arrogance goes so far to say, if other countries made better weapons than us, they'd be the world leaders.

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