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Timney .308 AR Trigger at Brownells


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  • 1 month later...

I just put one, the #670 with a 4lb pull, in my DPMS this afternoon and took it right out to shoot it. It is as crisp and clean of a trigger as I have used or would want in any firearm. I even had the chance a few weeks ago to use the new SR Gold from ATC and I wouldn't turn my hand for the difference. I got mine through Cheaper Than Dirt for a few bucks less than other places. It came quick, installed easy and shoots great!

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    From the manufacturers I spoke with they use heavier springs  to reduce the chance of recoil causing unintentional firing. There are also  modified hammers for the same reason as well as to prevent interference with  the BCG. One manufacturer has been trying to eliminate the need for different  triggers based on their design. One design is cheaper on their end too

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If the trigger/hammer spring works in a 5.56 & that's what I have in both of my 308's , as do most of us who have stock triggers from DPMS or who ever, the AR 15 type Timney should have no problem working in the 308 version.

I have read of some using them when they first came out , with no problems . Just makes ya wounder if indeed there are differences between the two types .

Maybe they had problems  in the past . I  could get one & see if I have problems & just put in on of my 5.56 if I do .

I also see that Rainer arms had them on sale for $ 159.00 for Labor day sale. There is a code they e-mailed me , to get that price.

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  • 5 months later...

Not much of a difference as far as .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO primers, as far as hardness and necessary strike force to initiate them (AR-15 stuff).  There's a significant difference in that between commercial .308 Win primers and hardened military primers in the 7.62 NATO rounds.  Might not be too much of an issue with US-produced 7.62 NATO rounds, but the hardened primers on 7.62 NATO produced in so many other countries varies greatly. 

Heavier hammers and stiffer springs are the answer to that, and it's common in the giant variance based on the rounds from other countries. 

If you don't shoot surplus 7.62 ammo from foreign countries (and only shoot .308 Win rounds or US NATO rounds), then you really don't need to worry about whether you're using an AR-15 trigger or one specific to a .308 AR.  <thumbsup>

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I have installed (with help) the AR-10 Timney trigger group into my LR-308.  The install wasn't bad, but not what I'd call easy.  Here are my observations after shooting with it in.

The safety leve now has noticable play in it.  I don't know why this has occurred, but we have disassembled and reassembled it twice now looking for a cause.  Fortunately it still works, but I do not care for the slop in the mechanism.  If anyone has any insight into this, maybe you could share with me.

The sear is okay, but not nearly as good as the RRA two stage match trigger group I had installed in my AR-15.  That is a tad disappointing, but not a deal breaker.  I can live with what the Timney will do in this platform.  It would not be acceptable in a competition bolt gun, but that is not what this trigger group was intended to be anyways.  It is still a vast improvement over the stock trigger pull. 

I missed an opportunity to proof the gun at a competition this weekend, as I was conscripted to do some cooking for a crowd instead.  So many social engagements, so little time.  I will avail myself of the next opportunity, and hopefully also have what I need to complete the 16" Oracle upper assembly so I can test it out on the range as well.

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What do you mean by play ,in the safety selector lever ?

Your std trigger assembly may have been a tighter fit on top of your lever . I have seen some people have to fit the triggers of std. AR's to get the safety selector to work properly .

The Timney is a completely different set up & you may have lost some interference fitment .

I have had some that are tight fitting & some that are on the loose side . As long as the lever is locking in the detents for the two positions (I assume we are talking semi auto rifles ) There should not be a problem .

You can check for proper spring travel & make sure there is not a burr interfering with the detents upward travel . I have also seen a lot of these safeties that are machined sloppy . (too big of holes for detent or too deep )

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survivalshop, I believe you are spot on with your assessment.  I think that is exactly the case, and the Timney simply does not have the same interface as the original trigger group did.  The safety hits and locks on the detents just fine, just the travel at the detents is noticably sloppy compared to before.  It should be fine and I could not find any burr or other obstruction that was interfering with the detent or the spring. 

Unexpected loose fitting parts when I have worked on something get my hackles up.  There's always that slight paranoia that I've done something bad and it is going to bite me.  Not a good place to be with a firearm.

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