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Review: Extended takedown pins


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I've recently been given the opportunity to test out some extended takedown pins for various rifle configurations: DPMS LR-308, AR-15, and RRA LAR-8 are what's being offered.  I've tested the DPMS and AR variants, but not the RRA variant yet.

These are machined from 12L14 steel, black oxide coated, and they're made by our very own dcannon003, right here from this board. The machining is excellent, and they work very well.  Installation is as easy as gaining access to your takedown detent and spring (the process varies with different rifle types), and it's a direct swap with the standard pin.

As delivered, I got a full set of what is manufactured, all three, like stated above.  They're individually packaged and marked for application.  Here's what was in the box:


[img width=810 height=607]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m239/rgrhartley/100_0664_zpsdd8aa0e5.jpg

Like I stated earlier, it's a direct swap once you gain access to your detent and spring.  On the AR-15s, the detent and spring are at the back of the lower receiver. Either under the fixed stock, or under the retaining plate on a collapsible stock setup.  On the DPMS LR-308, the detent and spring goes in from the bottom, just like the safety detent and spring. 

In the past, I've mentioned doing a set-screw mod to all these rifles, no matter where the takedown detent is held in from (rear or bottom).  Many AR receivers are tapped/threaded already, setup for a 4-40 set screw, right out of the box.  The DPMS LR-308 is not.  On mine, I choose to use a 6-32 set screw setup, for a couple reasons.  6-32 is more commonly stocked in local hardware stores (4-40 can be hard to find sometimes, ACE Hardware being one of those instances), the threads are more coarse (hold a little better in aluminum receivers), and it's a larger allen wrench than the 4-40 (that damn thing uses a 0.050" allen).  I have all the drilling/tapping stuff in a small zip baggie in my armorer toolkit, as well as the set screws, so everything stays in one place. I'm pretty sure the drill size for the 6-32 set screw is a #35 drill bit, but double check that if you decide to buy the tools.  The aluminum if easy to drill and tap, by hand.  No need for power tools for this.  Here's the LR-308 lower with the set screw installed - this was on tear-down, to install the extended takedown pin - it's the silver thing, towards the back of the grip, if the grip were on:

[img width=810 height=607]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m239/rgrhartley/100_0662_zpsb6b1e6b1.jpg

Set screw removed, spring and detent removed, takedown pin removed; you can see the threading well in this pic:

[img width=810 height=607]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m239/rgrhartley/100_0666_zpsdae20c4c.jpg

Extended takedown pin installed! 

[img width=810 height=607]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m239/rgrhartley/100_0668_zps418134ac.jpg

These are wonderful for breaking open the upper/lower, and dcannon003 has done a wonderful job on these.  It makes life alot easier.  He's been providing them in large orders to a few places, and I hope he hops on here for purchasing information. 

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4-40s are the machinist's bane.  At one shop we had several regular jobs that required tapping holes in 17-series stainless, titanium, and some aluminum.  Taps had a tendency to snap.  Got so I'd check out multiple taps over a period of time, then change them frequently.  They couldn't figure out why I did trouble-free runs.  ;D

Back to the pins.

How much worth would you put on pin that can be pulled, versus it being sticking out all the time?


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I bought THESE for my 5.56 and my .308 rifles.

My reasoning was simple. Due to the modifications I did to my rifles, I have to do complete receiver separation every time I need to do maintenance. My 5.56 has a CWS that locks everything up, and my .308 has a Law Tactical folding stock adapter.

My price at Brownells was cheap enough for me to buy several sets.

I don't think they are for everyone, but they work for me.

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i first made the extended take down pins as a custom application in my AR-15 about 5 or six years ago ago because one rifle needed an over size takedown pin to take the slop out of the receivers and my other AR-15 needed an undersize takedown pin because it was so tight i couldnt pull it out wthout using a tool...i can see where the extended pin sticking out might b a concern but after many years in the field and dozens and dozens of kiyotes i can assure u that the extended takedown pin has never snagged or interfered wth the function of the rifle...as far as the 308 extended takedown pins go...thats a custom part right there...somebody else in the country might be making them but there gunna b pretty rare...since im the manufacture(me and my programer lease a machine) and i wrk full time i really would like to sell them in bulk and let the local gun stores and gun shows put them on display and sell them...if anybody might be interested in these pins or other turned or milled parts heres my email...dcannon003@socal.rr.com...right now our machine capacity is 5/8 round...

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