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My Wife Kicked my ass


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Every time we go to the range my wife takes my manhood from me! We went to the range second week of deer season because she had not picked up the 308ar in over a year (trigeminal neuralgia/neuropathy were not sure which yet has had her really down for 2 years) and wanted to hunt, she waited till last out of 4 of us and had the best groups of the day, I didnt measure but it couldn't have been too much more than 1". We went to renew our chl's, she had not practiced in a long time, used a glock 19 and scored 249, ripped the whole center out of the target. I give up.

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It really suprized  me at how much her skills have came along and how much mine degraded in the time that I have been messing with this DPMS rifle. After I seen how well she was doing moved her out to 15 yard line to give her more of a challenge. She's like "I suck at that range" but when I told 7 yards would seem like a walk in the park once you master the 15 she finally agreed

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