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Non folding or collapsible stock options - Evil stocks not allowed in CT


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Yeah, the UBR would probably fall into the collapsible category.  It has presets to it, by way of small allen bolts.  I've got one position set at #3 and one at #5, and I run it at the #3 position almost always.  I'd bet that you can set it up to have the presets at something like #3 and #4, and then it doesn't adjust (somewhat "fixing" it in place?  <dontknow>) 

I'm not sure if that would get you around the laws (or meet the laws) for CT, but I'll still check mine out anyway and let you know what I find.  Now, you can still bypass the presets, but it involves pushing/pulling two things at once.  Most people that would stop you to question you would (I imagine) be unfamiliar with it's function.  Don't know if that would be worth it in the long run (in the jail cell)...  ;D

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Its adj., but man that is a well made stock . I had no idea how one felt till a week ago or two.

There are not too many fixed type stocks out there, the PRS is I would say, sets the standard.

I like my A2 on my 20"HB, It does make the rifle a little front heavy , but I'm not sure I want any more weight on the rifle .12+ lbs. already , empty.

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I'll take my UBR apart and check into a way to "pin" it in place.  It can't be hard, really, and wouldn't damage the stock on the long run.  With all the presets available on it, threaded, there has to be an easy way to drill up through the lower section (without permanent problems) and use a long allen bolt/screw to pin the thing in place.  <thumbsup>

It's an unbelievably strong stock, and the thing feels just like a fixed stock in any position.  Brute should be the word.    ;D

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I can't have a collapsible stock in Jersey, either. I had initially planned to replace the factory EMod when I bought my POF, as I never really cared for how they looked. After getting it in hand, my opinion changed completely, so I kept the stock and just pinned it. It's worked out well for me, and was pretty easy to pin.

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Hey, at least they got back to you! In NY I like the tubular ARFX type stock. I use a full length one on the LR-308, and an entry length on the M4 clone piston gun I built. The entry stock on the M4 isn't much longer than a collapsible stock collapsed. I put the 1" pad one it and when I shoulder the rifle my nose is just short of the charging handle. This allows mounting the scope far enough forward to clear the charging handle. In fact there's enough room to put a fold down BUIS and use a real scope.

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