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Un-Natural Fear of Inanimate Objects


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I have a new way of handling anti gun conversations with folks, it's almost becoming a sport for me.


When a person is being rediculous I will ask if they have always had an un-natural fear of inanimate objects which will usually get a stupid response or look. I will then sympathetically tell them I understand completely understand and will follow up with something personal about them. Example: I'm suddenly developing an un-natural fear of assholes in green shirts, wearing high heals and red lipstick etc....


I saw it used by someone else and I have been honing this response for my own personal use.

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I simply tell them that I carry a firearm for EXACTLY the same reason I fasten my seatbelt.

If I knew I would be in an auto accident I would simply stay at home that day, so since I can't know, I fasten my seatbelt. The prudent thing to do.

If I knew I would be attacked I would simply stay at home that day, so since I can't know, I carry a firearm.

Would you recklessly recommend I ride in an automobile without fastening my seatbelt?

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