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My new DPMS LR308

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This has been a long time coming with several starts and stops.  In addition to DPMS lower and 20" upper, I added:

  • Troy low profile free-floating hand guard
  • Harris bipod on an
  • American Defense QD auto lock mount
  • YHM gas block with flip up sight, and
  • Geissele two stage trigger
  • Slash 308 heavy buffer

Installing the free-floating hand guard was the hardest part.  I bought three different barrel nut wrenches, none of which fit.  So I used a pipe wrench.  After that everything went smooth.  Fired 30 rounds so far to break it in without a single issue.


Next up is a quality scope (suggestions welcome, PLEASE).  Right now it's a cheap Pentax I already had on hand.  Then, camo job!


Picture is with detachable carry handle.


Future addition may be a butt stock upgrade, again, suggestions are welcome. 


Will the options ever end? ?????



Forgot to add, on advise from others here, I buffed the chamber for a few seconds using a cordless drill with a .410 mop and polishing compound while unfired. I was surprised at how much black crud ended up on the mop. Glad I did it, no issues to load or eject.





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I haven't done squat to my LR, it came just the way I like it, A2 stock and all. For me I wouldn't own a MIAD grip, I don't like spare parts for spare parts lying about. Anyway... I have a magpul MAG415 grip for reliable hand placement on my AR's. I haven't gotten around to replacing the grip on my LR, it's been nearly 3 years so I guess I'm not in a rush! My two scopes are a Leupold VX3 6.5-20x50 and a Trijicon5-20x50. Both are "reasonably" priced (I never thought I'd say that about a ~$1000 scope) and both are superbly made. I have QD mounts and use them on the LR and my Savage BATS. With scopes get the best you can afford. You can save a bunch on Leupold buying used. Their guarantee is for life of the product so there's no worries with getting it used.

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I haven't done squat to my LR, it came just the way I like it, A2 stock and all. .


Confess... you have confessed a bit already, you have replaced parts on your rifle. You will find yourself doing it more and more.


I myself have a DPMS LR-308T, and in spite of pride of ownership -- having a rifle hated by libtards -- there was room for improvement. And so I did a few things, and then, several more.


You will find yourself doing the same if you frequent this rather esoteric site and attend to the discussions of others in a similar circumstance. No need to be bashful, you will get upgrades.

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Bashful Nope. Upgrades? Nope, confess... to what? My gun came from DPMS as it is, WITH the A2 stock. Now if you consider adding a scope to a sightless gun an upgrade, I'll consider that an extreme statement. 



IMO, just about every AR-15 NEEDS something for my purposes, but the LR (IMO) needs little to fit my needs. Someday "maybe" a magpul grip, and "maybe" an extended charge handle latch, but it surely doesn't need any of them.


PS, I've been a lurker on this board for over two years and haven't been influenced yet! :-)

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Actually I joined here over 2 1/2 years ago, lurked and saw what you guys were doing with / to the LR with a lot of interest, cool stuff.


I've come to the conclusion that other than a few ergo adjustments that could be made for my purposes the LR is just what I needed, that being a backup if needed for my Savage BAT-S my "reach out and touch something" gun.

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