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Savage said....


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I was listening to savage the other day and he said this current administration wants to goad us into a shooting war against the Feds. The commies in power think, no, they know they will win. He said we better not fall into that trap because they indeed will win against us.

Why is savage right about that?


Why is he wrong about that?

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He's wrong about it because it only takes a few things for "us" to win. For starters, the size of the non-military forces in the US is miniscule compared to gun owners. Second, our national belief of our government encroaching too much on our freedoms is the highest its been from polling data. Last, even in the case of them being ordered to fire on US citizens, how many in DHS, etc will actually do it? Last, it will only take one horrible butchering incident of 150 BATF agents dumping full auto fire into a home and killing innocents as well as likely some neighbors for public opinion to hugely switch against them. Sure they managed to cover Waco up with "drugs, sex, children" but it won't be so easy the next time to get that out, and not have independent outlets showing the horror of the pictures.

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Don't listen to Savage, as he's on at midnight or something here.


But we were just talking about this the other day and the consensus is that YES, the feds (with their media mouthpieces) are trying to goad the population into a shooting war.


Behind the scenes are groups of people that facilitate sales of chemical/other "special" weapons to people like Saddam Hussein, and perform acts domestically like Ruby Ridge and Waco.


In their minds, an event of agents or police or NG getting killed would be complete justification for using such special weapons domestically.  They (gov mouthpieces/media) were already using justification talking points about using drones in the Dorner hunt.  There has already been talk about arming drones in the "100 Mile Border Buffer Zone".


Are they really worried about citizens on the east and west coast, who did nothing when whole communities were "locked down"?


Yes, the feds/others feel they can win.  Yes, they are purposely alienating large segments of the population.  Yes, at some point someone or some groups will have enough and strike back.



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I agree with EasyEJL and Planeflyer. They may want that, but they wouldn't win, even putting their talking head pundits in the "Lamestream Media" villanizing everyone and thing against their agenda and trying to sway the masses to get behind them. They really I think have under estimated how many 2ND AMENDMENT advocates are in this country. They would relish the opportunity to take away gun rights among other things, I would say almost instantaneously.......Just my .2c......

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"In their minds, an event of agents or police or NG getting killed would be complete justification for using such special weapons domestically" Jon

Yes, this why I think that they think they would win. As Bill Ayers said decades ago, that they will have to kill 25,000,000 of us folk to take control, they would be primed to do so. But this is now and I think maybe that 25,000,000 number has ballooned.

Being that Ayres and Obunkster are close bro's it's obvious to me who Oblameyou really is. Fkg MSM is completely compliscent with them, boggles the mind. What bothers me is they have a plan and are organized and they do have terrible weapons that I don't doubt are good to go. I don't know what our plan is.

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