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308//5.56 HYBRID


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Am I crazy or what? I was reading one of my gun rags (cant remember which one) I subscribe to more than I can read. ,,,,, Hear is the kicker, there was a article that a manufacture?? made a ar10 and you also got a ar15 upper with some kind of mag adapter so the smaller clips fit in the lower reciver of the ar10. I know I read this but cant find the rag it was in. I take all my old rags to the barbers for other people to read. if any body else heard of this, please let me know, I want one.

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Colt 901 series (LE901, SP901, XM901....). For the money, I'd rather buy 2 separate AR's, one .308 and one 5.56. That means two people can shoot at the same time, or if you decide to unleash the inner Rambo in you, one in each hand.




P.S. Welcome to the board!!

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One of our members (Pappy) has one. I've been jealous about it since he joined... and I remind him of that constantly.

It's one hellofa shooter too!

Rumor was, the Colt CM901 was carried into Osama's compound for the final contact... just a rumor though. Several other companies were reported to have been "The" rifle. I like thinking it was Sam Colt who reached up from the grave and drug that terrorist bast are back into hell.

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I'm not impressed by the Colt 901 at all. Swapping from .308 to 5.56 requires you to change the mag block, which costs an additional $295, buffer, and action spring. Nothing fast about that. For the price of the mag block alone you can build yourself a pretty nice lower...


The ONLY plus-side I can see to this thing is having one registered NFA lower and being able to make multiple caliber SBRs out of it with one tax stamp. Doesn't do me any good in CA though since we're not allowed to have NFA items...

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