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RIT dye on some stocks.


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first stock was a LMT sopmod a buddy gave me for working on his rifle.  it went through a rough tour in Astan and showed it. it was originally brown, and spray painted tan. the butt pad was cracked and broken but works fine.  the stock was ugly, but functioned.

i found a good sized pot, filled it with about 2 gallons of water and half a bottle of dye. overkill...but its cheap. brought it to a rolling boil. i took the butt pad and storage tubes off of the stock body and dropped it in the stew. then i slapped myself in the forehead, fished the storage tubes back out and took the caps off....because they float.

i was a little worried about the heat, but this is tough stuff designed for war, and it was fine. left it in the pot for 15 min. when i pulled it out, it had a perfect dark flat black color. i  also realized RIT doesnt stick to tan krylon, and i had missed a few spots. also of note, the but pad didnt take the dye and was still brown. i happen to have a rattlecan of vinyl/fabric paint in flat black in the shed...and perfecto.

That worked out so well, that i decided to buy a new stock for my 308AR. ive been in love with the VLTOR modstock, and found a smoking deal on one, but it was green.

problem with the A1 length rifle stock is that it wouldnt fit in any of my pots, so i waited until the wife was out and broke out her crock pot! i boiled the water on the stove, and then poured it in the crockpot and cranked it up to max heat. poured the other half of the RIT dye in. took the modstock apart like the LMT and dropped it in the stew. slapped myself in the forehead...fished the storage tubes out and took the caps off..because... they still float. since the temp was lower i left it in for 30 min. came out great, except the caps for the storage tubes didnt take the dye and were still green.  i didnt take before/after pics of the modstock because i had limited time to abuse the kitchen while the wife was out.

overall, it worked awesome. was simple to do and saved me a bunch of money.  might be worth noting that this stuff can stain the heck out of your counter tops, pot holders, kitchen floor, or anything else in the vicinity of your operation.




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