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DPMS Upper receiver rail height again

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Lets talk DPMS rail height again


Picked this DPMS LR-308 24 in bull barrel at Cabelas  the other day.

Wish wishing to upgrade with a new fwd. rail buy immediately ran into confusion as a lot of people do.

All the information I am finding regarding two differing rail height on the receiver still doesn't come close to what is on my upper receiver.

Did DPMS change the height again?

Anyone else have this type and were you able to upgrade without buying a new upper.

Pictures attached shows measurements.



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I don't have one in front of me BUT... the one in the picture is the old (orignal)highrail upper. It is 9/16" high and comes on the round handguard setup. The New low profile 7/16" rail height upper is the one which is adapable to the dpms quad rail which is being sold now. The old rail is good for a scope rings so use it for that. When you upgrade get the low profile upper and matching height quad rail that you desire. Sorry if that is not what you want to hear but that is why many people sell the old dpms upper.

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Oh geez yeah, I see now looking at his pictures. I guess I assumed that after the recent craze, even finding the older A3 would be unlikely, particularly at a cabelas.


What the hell was that still doing in the Cabelas? when was the last time they manufactured those? I guess it could have been a used one traded in? No cabelas local to me so I don't know if they do that.

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Did not want to make a new thread found this with a search. All the receivers i look at like si defense and jd say high profile are these the ones with the screwed up rail hieght? Not trying to deal with dpms bs so which ones are normal?

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No, "High Profile" is the current standard height while the "Target" or "Hi-Top" ones are extended height found on the "target" models. Most manufacturers make their uppers in the DPMS "High profile" height.


There is also the newer  DPMS "low profile" upper receiver that is 1/16" shorter than the DPMS "high profile" receiver.


Here is a pic. - Remember that the DPMS "High Profile" is the standard that most manufacturers use. That tongue thickness is 3/16" on the high profile while the low profile thickness is 1/8"



The following pics show the DPMS "Target"/"Hi top"/"high rise" LR308 receiver. Note the thick tongue above the charging handle slot. These target uppers are fully extruded and are usually slicksided (i.e. no deflector, f/a, or dust cover).




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