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Joker Knives


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Anyone have any experience with this company? It's Spanish. Apparently hand made. I read that gamo is going to be importing them and showing them at SHOT.

Anyway, came across a smoking (I think?) Deal on one of the knives and pulled the trigger before I had a chance to do much research. Wondering if anyone had any experience with them. It looks nice on paper. I got it for $27 out the door so no damage done either way.


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It was a deal on DVOR. I caught it with only 3 hrs left on it so I took a swing. It was $35 but I had some store credit and a free ship code. DVOR is optics planets deal site. OP is selling a few of the knives for alot more, but they seem to be the only US seller at the moment. Not sure why they discounted it so hard. I'm seeing them on international sites between $70 and $100+ USD.

Sales pitch: if anyone wants to check out DVOR and doesn't have an account, PM me your email addy and I'll send an invite. That way I'll get some store credit if you buy anything :) I think they start you out with $10 credit. I got 4 Blackhawk QR swivels for $6 a few Weeks ago!

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I noticed the knife I got (cm83) is listed on optics planet for $60ish. The other knives in the same category, with almost identical specs (cm77 etc) are double and triple the price. On the international knife sites I've found the CM83 is generally priced the same as the other knives in it's little group. I emailed them to see if there was a reason for the price difference. If not, that the knife might even be a good score at $60.

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Def. high at that msrp...but they seem to be over $80 anywhere I find them. I'm new to this, so aside from being more difficult to sharpen what are the down sides to 440c? most of what I've read gives it a decent rating compared to other common steels. (I have zero interest in exotic stuff)

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440c isn't hard for me to sharpen, it just doesn't hold an edge near as long or take as sharp of an edge as most of the newer metals do. It also is a very common metal and cheap to source for a knife maker. It's not horrible or anything and I have several 440c knives that I love, just at that retail price they show there are much better alloys available.

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Got it. I'll get some pics up when I get a sec.

First thing...con...the coating isn't great. It has some small blems on the edge of the spine right out of the box. I don't think it will hold up real well. The YouTube reviews I found of this knife, it was uncoated stainless. Maybe they should have left it that way.

..this thing is a beast. The spine is thick and it's heavy. Should have no problems prying or chopping. It came very sharp. The handle fits nice

And is grippy. Very solid feeling overall. Clean laser engraving on the blade.

The sheath is really nice. Soft leather. Joker logo on the front. stitching looks good.

Overall..way happy for what I paid.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I figure a micarta grip upgrade costs about as much as this thing is selling for. mine lives in my mountain bike. I emailed them after I got mine and asked about the price discrepancy between the two "tactical" knives that had very similar specs. They replied that it was an error in data entry. They didn't specify which price was the error but neither one has been updated.

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  • 3 months later...

little update here. the black coating was pretty soft and scratched easy, so I took it off and scotch brited my fingers off till I got a nice dull finish. going to keep working on it. I've heard an acid dip will get me a dull grey finish.

also, the scales were blocky with hard edges. not very comfy. took all the corners down, and shaped the finger grooves to something useful. really made me like this knife 100% more. I'm really happy with it now.



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