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Bumping shoulder back on .308 rounds for AR


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On my 6.8 SPC, I bump the shoulder back about .004" for best accuracy and to keep from overworking the brass. Should I do that with the 308 when loading for an LR308? I know that the recommendation for 308 FL dies is to run the ram up until it touches the shell holder and then tighten the die another 1/4 turn. That bumps the shoulders back a lot more than .004".

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I can't tell any real noticeable difference in accuracy in the 6.8 from bumping the shoulders back only .004 instead of back to specs. However, I can tell a real difference in brass life. I have gotten as many as 10 reloads and still going from bumping the shoulder only the amount necessary to chamber the round properly. My most accurate loads for the 6.8 are with 28g AA2200 and 29 g H322 and Nosler AB 110. I consistently get 3/4 MOA from my 16" barrel and <.5 MOA from my 20" barrel using these 2 powders. I have never used H335. When I was resizing to specs, about 4 or 5 reloads was the end of brass life. I have never annealed brass either.

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Hey Brd you go man.....6.8's are the nutz...ive got three of em.....beats the crap out of these nasty outdated over weighted 308's......only reason ive got 4 308's is so I can hang out here with all my brothers!

:) Wash

Wash, you're terrible, dude...  <lmao>

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