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Gen. 3 & Gen. 1 LR 308 Pmags


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I just got a couple of the Gen.3 , 308 PMags & wanted to test them in my Picky CMMG lower , that doesn't like them , so I took some photo's to compare them by . Who knows maybe they changed something that will let them work reliably in my CMMG lower.


The springs are flexing opposite & attached or anchored on the follower different. Spring on G# seems to be shorter


New Gen. 3 on the left



Looks like the Gen. 3 is longer , floor plate is thicker



G3 on the left.


















bottom one is G3 , looks like they changed the follower.



G3 is left one 


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Well, the new Gen.3 mag failed in my CMMG on the second round.

What I believe is happening , is the bolt is missing grabbing the next round & its being pushed into the feed ramp by the bolt carrier its self & wee all know what Failure to feed jam you end up with . (case smashing type )


This CMMG lowered build will just not work with any PMag ,its all about tolerance stacking . I'm waiting for the Lancer 308 mag to come to out & try.


Steel mags work just fine in this rifle .



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My lower looks like its in the mid  200's ser. # , so its a real early lower . The new rifles have no problem with PMags . I shoot a friends & his has no problems ,but his is new .


The PMag's sit a little lower in the lower receiver, by just a few thousands of an inch . I have a thread around here on all that I have done to try to make them work , including replacing parts with AR 10 ones. Nothing has worked so far & I've been trying different things for years , since the  LR PMag. first came out .


I just recently bedded the action , because the fitment between the upper & lower were very loose fit . I was hoping that would help ,but even that didn't work . 

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Perhaps a custom bolt catch to hold the mag higher may work.... just a thought. If that were the case, I'd try putting a small bead of steel on the top of the bolt catch, then grind it down to flatten/square it off, grind some off the bottom. Worst case scenario, I destroy one bolt catch.

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You would have to alter the mag stop , that's on the mag, to get it to go higher in the receiver on every mag. you would want to work in this lower receiver & what would that do for the mag's capability to be used in other rifles ( mine ) <dontknow>

I have put other uppers on this lower , ones that have no problems with PMags & still have problems . AS I have said , works fine with any steel mag. I put in it .

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