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So Im sure many of us have Oooo'd- and Awwww'd at Magpul stuff.

Recently at Shot, some of their accessories were decked out in D-MARPAT.


"Heard" that Travis Haley had those items personally done for his Carbine, out of his own pocket.


check these guys out.


scroll down and you'll see the Camo patterns, they have some Digi's ones too;

( D-MARPAT, etc.. )

I sent an email asking about pricing and such. Here's the response;

date Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 9:57 AM

subject Hydro-Dip

Hi Keith, I've included some of our standard pricing below. Anything that is non standard will be processed at our shop rate. I'll keep it fair. I don't let the guys mess around in our shop. We don't have time for it! I can process your work in 5 business days for the expedite fee.

All non volume work is processed at $59/hr plus product cost. Details are outlined on our online order form.

Print off our online order form and send a signed copy with the parts.

Ar-15's disassemble rifle fully--hand guard, upper& lower (remove guts), handle, rear stock. Disassemble Magpul stocks and send the parts you wish dipped.

    * Standard Stock $85

    * Adjustable Stock $100

    * Disassembled Magpul set $115

    * Barrel $50

    * Upper $50

    * Lower $50

    * Hand Guard $50

    * Handle/Grip $20

    * Mags $20

Complete Rifle $279

(standard stock, barrel, upper, lower, hand guard, handle/grip)

Detail Touch up add $25 Recommended) Airbrush or detail brush touch up for small air bubbles, checkering, fail points, or imperfections.  Well worth your money!

Turn time is approx 4 weeks. Expedite service is available.

Ship to:


1129 E. Pine St., Ste.101

Meridian, ID 83642

Thank you,


I'm considering sending in my PRS stock and having it D-MARPAT'd.

just thought I'd share.

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  • 2 months later...

I'll grab some pics of a few motorcycle parts I had dipped in a carbon fiber pattern.  The prices were great, and I'd bet the guy would do gun parts.  I'll try to see if that's a possibility for him, and see what he'd charge for gun stuff.

Here's his website, for the time being:


If any of you decide to call him, his name is Jim.  951-675-1303.

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