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Frerking Custom Works (FCW Guns) Guardian rifle

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Travis Frerking
5370 STATE HWY 77
Cortland, NE 68331
ph.# 402-798-8383





First, Dawn Marie and I met Travis Frerking at SHOT Show this year.  Amongst the MILLION miles of walkways, tables and booths, you'll always see something that catches your eye.  While coming through on the first day, I saw a VERY interesting AR design, and just had to stop and find out the details.  This was at Travis' booth...






Now, if you look at this closely - very closely - you'll see some things in this rifle that you are not going to find in anything else.  It's a side-charger, number one.  Okay, but it's an ambi side-charger, and you can configure which side you want to charge from.  Next, ejection - ambi.  You determine which side you want it ejecting from. 


If you're right handed, and want the charging handle on the left side - do it.  Want it to eject to the left, also?  No problem.  Shoot it at the range, and think it should be ejecting from the other side?  Change it.  <thumbsup>


You might notice one other thing in there - maybe not.  The right side of the magwell has a removeable cover plate...  You can configure this to operate on other mag systems (think, pistol-ammo and pistol mag configuration), and that plate is the catalyst for that.  Different plates will be made to hold different pistol-caliber mags in the proper position/orientation.  Ingenious!


The H6 handguard/rail is very comfortable, and you can easily add rail sections where ever you need them.  It got Dawn Marie's attention so much that it's the one she needed/wanted on her 300BLK rifle - raw, unfinished pics of it are in the thread on her build in the 300 Blackout Section here.  The rail is available separately, and you can get it now. 


I've had those pics up there since mid-January, and I told Travis I wouldn't post them until it was okay to do so.  I told Rob about this upper/lower set, but I didn't even send him the pics...  <lmao>


I talked to Travis today, and he's about one month away from releasing full rifles.  There will be a batch coming out soon that are 5.56 pinned 14.5" barreled versions, just over a month away.  I asked if it was okay to release the info to the masses, and he told me to go for it.  Here's the press info that he was presenting at SHOT:






Any questions, just fire them off to him, or you can ask me - if I don't know, I'll contact him for the info and get it up here...  <thumbsup>


PDF version of the info is attached.

Guardian Mailer.pdf

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Looks decent but I'm seeing too many manufacturing shortcuts like the way the ejection ports are machined and also the panel on the magwell. The magwell for example removes the need of a separate broaching operation (or specialized machining processes) since the magwell corners can be easily machined with that wall out of the way. That is then exploited for multi-mag compatibility using adaptor plates. 


Again, I'm not saying that it's inferior, but a smarter way to make the uppers/lowers. How it will stand the test of time will be dependent on a ton of other factors.

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