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Paw's afixin' the out house!


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Well, I had jist got home frum Bubba's Genril Store, Lunch, and Live Bait Emporium when I heered Maw holler at Paw that the out house wuz broke.  Now that ain't a reel hardship fer me an Paw but Maw, well, truth be knowed, she's a city girl and gits a mite perterbed when thangs don't go ta suit er.  Paw wuz bizy runnin up a batch uv mash but I rekon he figgered he'd as best git it fixed fore Maw got reel perturbed.  Some bit later I heered Paw holler that there wern't nuthin wrong wit the out house but Maw, she jist hollered bak that he wern't lookin close nuff an ta look under the seat. Paw hollered back that there wern't nuthin wrong wit the seat and Maw (who wuz beginnin ta sound a bit peeved) told im ta stick his head down in the hole and look at the bottom uv the seat.  Paw took some exception to that but since Maw wern't in no good mood, I rekon he figered it wuz his dooty ta git ta the bottom uv the problem (so ta speek). Wern't but jist a bit fore I heered Paw jist a howlin, he wuz a cussin an a fussin an hollerin fer help!  He hollered at Maw and said "Maw, come an hep me, I dun got my beard stuck in the cracks in the seat!"  Maw jist hollered bak "HURTS DON'T IT!".


Paw's workin on a new seat.

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