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Has anyone used large rifle magnum primers?


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With some powders , a magnum primer will give more complete ignition . Just start out a little lower in charge weight , as was said . Mag. primers are meant for large capacity magnum cartridge cases . Use them with care  & check for pressure issues when using them with smaller capacity cartridge cases.

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I use CCI LR Magnum primers on my .308 Winchester and also SR Magnum CCI primers on my 6.8 SPCII as well.  They provide better ignition and I have loaded up some pretty stiff loads in 6.8 SPC with the magnum primers and no issues.  In fact, a long time friend of mine that reloads 100x more than I do, asked me one time when I was shooting BLC-2 why I wasn't using magnum primers as they were needed for quick burn on the harder to burn ball powders.  I've reloaded to 1/2 gr past the max (according to Hornady) on my 150 and still don't show very much pressure signs on my 150 gr SP flat bottom Hornady with IMR 8208 XBR powder.  I haven't used regular LR primers in several years of reloading.


Let me explain what my friend told me as I had asked him a reloading question.  I was experiencing a lot of smoking necks indicating the powder blow by.  It was on a .223 load and I was using BL-C(2) powder.  Jim aske me if I was using magnum primers, and I said "no".  He said to stop using regular SR primers on my 223 loads and switch to magnum primers as they are needed to ignite ball powder fast enough to seal off the case neck so it doesn't blow by so bad.  I switched to magnum and never went back.  Have shot some great groups using manum primers both in the 6.8 and the .308 as well.

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On 7.62x39, mag primers do make differance, big help sealing up neck leakage in the AR and CZ. Powder also is factor, N120 shoots pertty much the same with either primer, now take IMR4198, a corse stick powder that is on the slower side for Med size cases, the Mag primers work much better. On 308, always use Mag primers with ball powders. On reg powder loads have loaded both ways and seen little differance or real need to use them.

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   Many years ago, when I owned a retail shop I gave a 270 to a friend to work  up loads.  New Win cases, IMR 4350, and CCI 200  LR primers.

    A couple of weeks later, he brought the rifle back.   Best load?   55.5 grains of 4350 with a 130 grain old style Nosler 130 grain bullet, and MAG primers!   Shot just under an inch at 100..

    Since then, I'v learned to use mag primers  in any of the '06 variants ( 25-06, 270 etc) and whenever using ball powder.

  In the 308, I'm still experimenting with loads, but any ball powder gets the Mag primer.

    They just help the ball powder burn cleaner.



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One can use magnum primers in anything ou want, but it doesn;t mean you can keep putting more powder in the case. Stay within normal powder charges, the primer may help the ignite better and be more accurate as well.


I did figure out the hardway is that Remington 9 1/2 mag primers don't work the best. Even loaded in a 338 lapua magnum I had several rounds that didn't fire. Very hard cup I suppose.


Winchester mag primers or CCI is better.


On my LR 308 shooting 185 bergers, win mag primers at max loads, I didn't have any periced primers.

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Bench Rest primers are great for consistant strong loads. I have been using them on full power 6.8spc loads. BR-4 works good for that.

Also CCI 450 in .223 with ball powder and heavy projos like 69gr 75gr & 77gr work well together.

Another option is using Federal primers. My opinion is "They are the BEST" , Gold Medal Match with Champion being a distant second. But they go BOOm every time !

Back to subject .. kinda...

CCI 34 primers which I use on 150gr projos on the 308 loads are a step up from the WIN LRP I use for any plinker ammo.

FP GMM primers I use on 165gr & 168gr projos with Varget and Imr 4064 powders.

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