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16" Barrel


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Hello All,


Doing my first 308 build, and so far I've got my 80% lower milled and completely built, DPMS low profile upper receiver, and MI 15" SS Keymod handguard.  Now onto the barrel and BCG.  I want to go with a 16" barrel with either a mid length or rifle gas system.  Looking to spend around $300 on just the barrel give or take, and so far I've only been able to find in stock offerings by Mega Arms, CMMG, and Brownells.  I've seen the Rainier, but it's out of stock. 


My other concern is the whole headspace issue.  CMMG is the only one of the three that will check the bolt headspace if bought directly from them, so they say.  Any quality issues with any of the manufacturers? Any others I should be looking at?  Should I just take a chance and buy a DPMS bolt and carrier and barrel seperate?  Thanks for the help!

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You can buy all separately & buy a set of Head Space Gages & check the Head space when barrel Is on the upper & you have the BCG all together or take it to a GunSmith for Head spacing .


Balance the cost of you buying head spacing gauging, for what may be a one-time. use vs. taking it to a gunsmith who already has the stuff and a lot of other expertise to offer.

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I found out today that I do have access to a set of Go, No Go, and Field headspace gauges so I can check it when I put it together.  I'm just curious as to what my chances are if say, I get a DPMS complete bolt carrier assembly and a different company's barrel.  I would hate to spend the money to find out that I need another bolt. 

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The chances of a headspace issue on a gun like this is very low. Buy quality components from reputable manufacturers and I wouldn't be very squeamish about test firing without checking.

However, the right thing to do is check it. It's really unlikely you'll find an issue. Worst case, you exchange or try a different bolt.

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Thanks for the help thus far.  Of the three barrels I've found I'm leaning towards the Mega Arms 16" (mid gas system) offering and just grabbing a DPMS BCG seperately.  From what I've read, the rifle gas system with a 16" may pose problems with certain ammo so I may stay away from the CMMG because of that and I just don't know enough about the Brownell's barrel to sink my money into one.  Anything esle out there?


D.R.D - I looked into Black Hole Weaponry but they are saying 10-12 weeks before a barrel can be shipped out.  I'm just not that patient.  Haha!

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I Bought a BHW 18"/Mid Barrel from these guys :Blackhole Weaponry .308 18" Stainless Steel 1:11 Poly Barrel - DPMS Compatible

They aren't in stock ATM but they have been in stock more often than not the last few months - the price is reasonable, they ship quickly

and as a bonus they throw in a free AR15 stripped upper! (too bad it's not a .308 upper!) Can't say how well it works or how the headspace

checks out because I'm still waiting on my Shadow Ops BCG, but the barrel looks very nice although it is a bit heavy being stainless and 

standard profile.

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I'd like to tell you guys about my experience with both Mega and BHW barrels.  I bought a 20" Mega awhile back and got it home and did a thorough inspection, where I found the throat was totally fubar'd.  Contacted Jason at Mega and he was kind of skeptical so I took it in for him to examine.  The damage was plainly visible just by eye balling.  He couldn't figure it out since he claimed all the inspections they go through.  But to his credit, he happened to have one on hand and immediately replaced it.  All was good.

Next was a BHW .260 barrel that I couldn't get to shoot consistently.  So I looked at the chamber real well and found it not concentric to the bore.  Took it to my gunsmith and had him bore scope it and he determined it was nonconcentric to the bore.  Took it to BHW and they replaced it immediately.  Took it home and found the same thing and took it back.  I was told at their shop that they were having troubles getting the correct reamer bushing for their rifling.  Finally they had to build me a new barrel, but alas, the same thing, but not quite as bad.  So to date I have a 24" .260 BHW barrel that I haven't shot and don't know what to do with it.  I can tell you that the polyganol barrels do give out higher velocities.

So I would suggest anyone that bought these or any barrel to check out the chamber and throat really well.  Customer service from both companies was exemplary.  Maybe I'm just one of those people that can't be pleased.

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I don't know if from the same lot, but I was given the option to find a different caliber barrel off their rack, but found similar chambers.  Yes I do hear quite a few positive reviews.  The shop inspector asked me what kind of shooting I do and told him mostly off the bench for groups.  He said most that buy their barrels are blasters, but I don't buy that.  I did notice that they don't have or use a borescope at all.  At least it was never used the three times I was there at their shop in St Helens, Or.  I'm thinking that if I ever try another one of their barrels, I'll just buy a blank (quoted about $80 when they become available sometime this summer possibly) and have my gunsmith chamber it.

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