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So recently I found out that Gun Site offers a five day 30 cal battle rifle course. I would love to go but it's a grand for the course plus you gotta bring a thousand rounds of ammo. Tack on travel costs and week away from work and the idea, for me, has to be moved out to the five year goal section of day dream land. Has anybody been to this or anything similar? 88 Tactical here in Nebraska has cool course offerings that are a little more affordable, I hope to attend some next year.

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I now realize I should have scrolled a little futher and put this in the training section, sorry. 88 tactical's training is all progressive. It starts at basic handgun that can be bypassed if you are a ccw holder, then goes to combat medicine the to tactical run n gun and house clearing stuff. I'm excited to do it cuz medical histoy kept me from joining up when I was young.

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I've done a veritable metric $hit-ton of training *** - but none of it through any civilian-offered course.  Militarily, especially for my job specialty, I was very gifted with my assignments and those that were in my units at the time.  I was lucky, and thankful for that.


***  Metric $hit-ton of training is a measurable term and definition.  It means I've spent a damn big bunch of taxpayer-funded dollars to improve my annual and quarterly ammo allocation and qualification.


I've looked into several civilian-allowed courses, as well as military courses, and there are many that I'd like to attend, but time, money and ammo are the factors.  More time, than the money and ammo.

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Gunsite has been around a while and they do a nice job, but you pay for it....which is not a bad thing.  There are a lot of good civilian courses out there that are taught by very competent, safe, and legitimate people that will make you a better gun fighter. It sounds like you are doing your research, but the internet will only take you so far.  Call the company up, tell them what you are looking to get out of their course and ask for referrals.  Check them out.  If they are worth their salt, they will have no problem with this type of request.  


Safety is paramount.  I don't care how badass a guy's pedigree is, if he/she can't demonstrate safe weapons handling skills. 


Beware of anyone who starts saying that they train black op tier one ninjas and crap like that and that it is so secret they can't even mention the group's name.......The ones who do, don't make a big deal about it.

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The ones who do, don't make a big deal about it.


You're right.  Typically, the ones that do conduct training with/for those units are very "generic" about it in their web-based advertising.


Example:  We combine our experience teaching military, law enforcement and the best high-end private schools to provide the best courses and tactical shooting skills available anywhere.


I've been wanting to get on a Gunsite course or 5 for a long time.  Need to pony up the money for one - or 5. 


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I was looking for battle rifle training as well or designated marksman training and came across this.


I contacted the guy. He's pretty cool and the information he gave me about his courses looked like they fit the bill. Contact him with your request for training and see what he says. That particular course is held in Utah, is shorter, and less expensive than Gunsite's. He runs training just about year round.

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The ones who do, don't make a big deal about it.

Those that actually train the tier one types often times do not train civilians. They are busy training MIL or .gov types. I guess one could argue that the .gov types are civilians.

There are a few exceptions... Kyle Lamb, Paul Howe (although I heard he was thinking about hanging up his training hat), Kyle Defoore ect.

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