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lightwiegt hunter a2 stock to magpul fixed carbine stock ??

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I have the dpms lightwieght hunter lr308 and it has the a2 stock on it . I found a good deal on the magpul mag480 fixed carbine stock. i would like to use that stock but dont know if it will work with the a2 tube. the standard a2 tube does have a spacer at the end of it so maybe that can be taken out and the magpul stock would work. Also I assume the dpms a2 stock tube is comercial size , is this correct? 1__47880.1381272391.456.456.jpg?c=2

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rifle length extension doesn't use commercial/milspec. there is only one size. the spacer is for an A2 length stock. no spacer for an A1 length stock.

if that magpul stock uses a rifle length extension, it will work fine. if it uses a carbine length extension, you will need the new tube, spring, and buffer to make it work. from the pic, it looks like it uses the carbine parts, so nogo.

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for educations sake , an A2 buffer tube is shorter than a carbine buffer tube?

 A2 is longer than carbine buffer tube.  Looks like the picture you have above is a carbine tube for that stock.  The reason I say this is because there is a castle nut and retainer.  A2 buffer tubes do not use castle nuts and retainer plates.  I guess that it was already determined in the above posts that it is in fact a carbine buffer.

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There is no "A2" buffer tube. There is only the  "A1" rifle buffer tube and by adding the small extension adaptor, you can then install an A2-length stock on the rifle buffer tube.


Like wart mentioned, the rifle buffer tubes do not use the retaining nut.


The carbine buffer tube is shorter than the rifle buffer tube. There is no A1 or A2 for the carbine buffer tubes, only commercial or Mil spec carbine buffer tubes.


Since you have an A2 stock on your DPMS, it's safe to say you have a rifle buffer tube, not a carbine buffer tube.

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