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DPMS vs. Armalite


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I'm sure this has been brought up before but all I could find was "different receiver, different barrel nut, etc."  I'm wanting to know the main FUNCTIONAL differences and PRICE differences.  The picture threads of these look almost identical a lot of the time.


I was planning on building the Armalite route, but since Palmetto has a .308 Lower and Upper that follow DPMS for a very inexpensive price, I may head down the DPMS path.  Please weigh in gents, I would appreciate it.

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functional difference - 0 - virtually all parts can be swapped if you do it correctly. you can with some machining mount an armalite upper on a DPMS lower or vice versa. you can put an armalite BCG into a DPMS upper, etc. There are WAY important issues with anything like this that you have to address.

price difference - depends on what you want. overall the armalite usualy is slightly more expensive, and slightly more limited in custom 3rd party parts availability but it really depends on what you're looking for.

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I am not much of a builder, so I went the Armalite path. Quality and warranty are outstanding. If I was going to do a build from scratch, I would probably go the DPMS route, simply because there are a lot more aftermarket parts out there. Either one will work. Question for the more knowledgeable builders: Can you get Armalite uppers and lowers for a build for the "A" model so it is P-Mag compatible? Or are you limited to the "B" model in regards to a build?I honestly don't know.

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For an alternative to Armalite type receivers, you might look into the Matrix Aerospace stuff, they manufacture the piston driven 7.62 for Ruger. As I understand it, they use an Armalite barrel nut and have an Armalite type cut on the upper and lower. I'm pretty sure they use both P-Mags or SR25 type mags as well. I don't have any first hand experience with them but I do find the platform an interesting cost effective alternative to the flood of DPMS type stuff out there.



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