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  1. I've tried "contacting" various sellers numerous times. To date NONE OF THEM has gotten back with me. Not a fan honestly.
  2. I bought an SDN6 for use on SBR'd .308, .300BLK, and 5.56 platforms. I like the look as well, but I chose the SDN6 as it may be $200 more, but has 10-15dB more in sound suppression over the MRS-2. Unfortunately, you'd need access to the release to remove it, and that can't happen under a handguard without modding it. Post pics when you're done as that things going to look titties!
  3. Out of curiousity, what were the reasons behind going with the MRS-2 over an AAC SDN6?
  4. An Irish wife comes home from the store with a basketful of bread, and two basketfuls of Guinness. Her husband looks over from the easy chair and says, "Are we having a party?" She says, "No." He then asks, "Then what's with all the bread?"
  5. I really hate seeing good gun deals when I don't have the money to spend on them. Man I need to win the lottery.
  6. My wife currently has an HK P2000 LEM with an NP3'd slide, and an M&P9C w/ Apex Tactical trigger. I have a 3yr old boy that get's into EVERYTHING and she doesn't want to carry on her hip, and definitely can't keep it in her purse. I'm getting her a Ruger LCP .380 and the Flashbang bra. It'd definitely allow her to carry easier. I'm just going to make sure she gets plenty of presentations down before carrying condittion 1 http://flashbangholster.com/the_flashbang
  7. I can't say I've never had a good gun dream, it just seems like more often than not, the gun fails in one form or another.
  8. Weird. My dad had the same type of nightmares. On a firebase when human waves were attacking, and all he had was a rubber M16.
  9. What seriously bugs me, is for as much as I love guns and as much as I train, whenever I have an SD dream, the gun never EVER works. One that specifically comes to mind was a dream where I had to engage Nazi's (Couldn't make that up) in a library in a large house. I was behind a large grandfather clock, went to engage and pulled up a pump action Thompson M1A1 that was 1/16" thick rusted steel. To clarify, the Thompson was a flat piece of 1/16" thick rusted steel, and the forearm had to be "pumped" to load each round, though I have no idea what it would've shot. WTF over? The only time an SD dream turns in my favor, is when there are no guns involved, just my hands. Weird.
  10. Anybody have any experience with the 5.56 version? Is it pretty stout/robust? Positively unlatch? I may have to go this route for my build.
  11. I believe SWS use to make the rails Noveske used on their rifles until Noveske started making their own. Not a bad choice if they can accomodate your needs. Damn I really need to start on mine.
  12. I'm a huge fan of the PRI handguard. The only drawback in my opinion is not having "non-interrupted" top rail. Shawn at PRI was very helpful in allowing me to procure a 15" custom handguard for my old Armalite .308.
  13. The only issue I have with the Alpha rail is that the very front moves around a bit. We mounted one to a buddy's 10" Adams Arms Upper and he had his IR LASER mounted up front as well. I had noticed there was a little play, even when the screws at the rear that tightened the rail to the barrel nut. We noticed quickly when doing a night shoot and while engaging 250m LaRue's, the LASER shifts around enough to where you couldn't get repeatable shots. We traced it back to the rail not locking up solidly.
  14. I'm totally down for a 12.5" AR10 SBR. Especially suppessed! So what you're looking for is a 12" FF AR10 rail correct? You just want the muzzle device sticking out, with clearance for the can release. Does it have to be railed or can it be modular?
  15. I used a local Gun Lawyer in Texas. Sent him my details, he plugged them in and $300 later, Trust. Very helpful for starting my SDN6 paperwork from Afghanistan. You can also use Quicken Willmaker. Ask somebody with a trust for help with verbage. I know quite a few people who've gone that route as well with no issues receiving their stamps.
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