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  1. Sold, pending funds. Thank you all for looking. gill
  2. Yes this is the standard MWS 'slick - side' and it has both 16 inch and 20 inch barrels, that is what is offered for the price stated. I will post a photo from today. The picture above is the rifle I'm reluctantly attempting to sell here first.
  3. Carry Handle shown is not included. 20 inch barrel shown. PMag included. Eotech shown is available for additional money, but not included for base price. More Mags available, (10 Gen3, 20 rnd) but not included for the $2600.
  4. Used, and in good condition 'Slick Side' rifle with 16 inch (500 rnd cnt) and a 20 inch (200 rnd cnt), both 308win. Rifle is standard as it comes from LMT and is all stock, built July 2013. Message me for any questions. $2600 + shipping (CONUS), RIFLE SHIPPED TO YOUR FFL.
  5. http://www.vikingtactics.com/product-p/vtac-mk2-ug.htm?1=1&CartID=0 ordered a new two point sling, I never owned or used a VTAC sling .... so it' an experiment.
  6. A good friend of mine is seriously considering an MP10 and it will be his first Stoner platform 308. Are there any issues (positive or negative) I can share with him? Thanks in advance. Gil
  7. Howdy, from Montana. Photo's would be appreciated.
  8. I have used 165 grain Accubond on Whitetails and Elks , and they work.
  9. Thanks. I'm just playing around with the carry handle.
  10. Obtained a 20 inch CL, and will do some range work this week-end. Overall balance is very good. For now I'm saving for a decent scope and having fun.
  11. I finally rec'd the 20 inch CL barrel this afternoon. Will do some informal shooting Saturday AM, no paper punching (I'm still waiting on a better scope). The extra four inches and weight is, for me a non issue. Changing barrels was a snap. Going to be a fun weekend! gill
  12. I have been on the fence about returning my EXPS3-2Tan, I like the sight. My informal testing has not demonstrated any issues. If I replaced the EOTech it may be with some brand of 1-6 magnified illuminated scope.
  13. This afternoon I ordered a 20 inch CL for my LMT MWS. Perhaps it will arrive next week. Last week I ordered a 8 pounder of Varget, Mr Brown Truck should be bringing it Wens. Since NewYears I have been prepping once fired brass.....I did not realize how much of the stuff I had laying around.
  14. I was surprised to read the news report about this, and I intend to obtain at least one. I imagine it may take some time after they are released and what ever time it takes the CMP to go through them for sale ... maybe a year? Good news, and a once in a life time opportunity.
  15. I will find some Nosler Accubonds and try them. I like the 165 grain bullet. I imagine any of the 'copper solids' would do the job, as long as they fit in the magazine. Thanks for the responses.
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